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The Cast & Spear Podcast: Daily Fishing and Spearfishing Tips covers a wide range of topics including surf fishing, inshore /offshore fishing, kayak fishing, spearfishing, fish prep, and more.  https://castandspear.com/podcast For KastKing fans there are five interesting episodes about the brand, the products and the company as told by KastKing VP of Business Development, Al Noraker. Al Noraker, KastKing VP of Product Development    Episodes run from eight to 18 minutes . Here are the topics for the five KastKing episodes. E163: Why Most Fillet Knives Suck / Steel / What To Consider  E162: Why SPEED Is Important/Gear Ratios /...

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There are many different alloys used to make fillet knife blades. Some improve corrosion resistance, some help with holding an edge longer, and some have more toughness. Let’s take a deeper look into blade materials and KastKing fillet knife blades. Steel Alloys and Properties  Basic steel is made with iron and carbon. Over the years different elements have been added to steel to increase its hardness and toughness. These added elements have created materials with a wide variety of properties, all in the pursuit of trying to find the right balance of hardness and toughness. There are advantages and disadvantages...

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