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You can call them cheap fishing rods and cheap fishing reels if you want, but there’s a lot more to the story. Why are KastKing products inexpensive is an often asked question. Some may refer them as cheap fishing reels or cheap fishing rods, but that’s not the case. KastKing offers great value in all of their fishing tackle products. That’s to say, the most and best features at the lowest price. Here’s how KastKing offers the lowest price with top quality. KastKing uses the same quality control and product testing as all of the other major fishing tackle  manufacturers,...

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You may ask what is the quality of KastKing fishing products. Quality can be subjective, but let’s look behind the scenes and examine some facts about the quality of KastKing fishing reels, fishing rods, and fishing line. Quality Is In The Eye of The Beholder Good quality is a measure of how well a product performs a certain task, how long it lasts doing the given task, aesthetics and cosmetics. Personal tastes about product color, visual design or ergonomics are not aspects of quality. Those represent individual choices. Price is not a determining factor of quality.  Who Determines Quality? Some...

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