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The opinion of the best fishing rod is very subjective. If you were to ask five different anglers what the “best” rod for fishing was, you might get five different answers. Instead of asking what is the best bass fishing rod KastKing has, ask yourself “What is the best to fit my needs and style of fishing?” The Methodical Detailed Angler Most fisherman I know a very detail oriented. Many to the point that they want a fishing rod that has been designed for each specific bass fishing technique and situation. If you are that type of angler than the...

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What products does KastKing make is easy to answer, but it’s a long answer. KastKing makes a variety  of fishing tackle products: KastKing rods, KastKing reels including KastKing spinning reels, and several models of KastKing baitcasters, spincast reels, fishing combos, KastKing fishing line, KastKing sunglasses, fishing tackle management, fishing tools, accessories, and apparel. KastKing Fishing Rods KastKing rod model series are KastKing Speed Demon Pro Fishing Rods primarily for use as a remarkable bass fishing rod, Spirale casting rods, Krome rods for salmon and steelhead, KastKing WideEye Walleye fishing rods, Resolute rods, Crixus Rods, Royale Select rods, Brutus rods, Resolute...

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