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Dock fishing is such fun way to catch fish. You never know what is holding up under that coverage, or the size of them.

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New KastKing fishing reels and their components undergo a battery of tests that include saltwater durability testing, bearing noise tests, baitcasting reels undergo a preload condition gear endurance test that goes on nonstop for four days.

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If you have ever wondered if KastKing has made improvements to their fishing tackle since they started this is a story you will want to read. KastKing Has A History Of Improving Products “I’ve been at KastKing since the beginning,” says KastKing CMO Tom Gahan. “In the early days we didn’t have the engineers and designers that we added in later years. We not only made changes to products, we also eliminated some that didn’t meet customer satisfaction. As we grew; we learned. It was a struggle at the beginning to find a balance between providing the best fishing reels...

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What retail stores sell KastKing fishing tackle is an ongoing question. KastKing was established as an e-commerce company and sells fishing gear that includes KastKing fishing rods, fishing reels, fishing line, fishing tools, and fishing tackle management products primarily online. Key online sellers for KastKing products are: International – eBay and AliExpress, Australia – Amazon Australia and Amazon eBay, Canada – Amazon Canada, China – Tmall.com, France – Amazon France, Germany – Amazon Germany and eBay Germany, Russian Federation – AliExpress, Spain – Amazon Spain, UK – Amazon UK and eBay UK, United States, Amazon, eBay, Walmart.com. KastKing fishing reels...

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KastKing has built a team of anglers, pro fishermen, and people that just enjoy the outdoors, and they work hard to make products that will ultimately put a smile on your face. That is their ultimate goal.  When you combine the love and passion that each KastKing member has for their job, when you combine the heart and the dedication they encompass...the results are the amazing products they produce every day. 

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