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KastKing Royale Legend II spinning reels have a bold, fresh look aimed to add dazzle along with peak performance features to angler’s reel collection for bass fishing, trout fishing, and larger freshwater fish along with inshore saltwater fish.

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Do I have to clean my fishing reel after using it for saltwater fishing was the most searched phrase on Google for 2020. Just kidding, but now that we have your attention…  Anytime I have ever been saltwater fishing, in any amount of salinity from brackish water to hyper saline environments, my fishing reel and fishing rod cleaning routine is the same. Cleaning is not something I take lightly when it comes to saltwater gear. In fact I am one of those persons who always reminds you to “rinse your gear off… clean and lube it with something like REM...

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When we answer the question are KastKing fishing reel ball bearings made for saltwater fishing, we have to take a look types of bearings. Just as important as the questions about the location of bearings, or how many bearings are in a fishing reel, how ball bearings are made for saltwater fishing and other uses is equally important. There a couple of things that come to mind in the selection of ball bearings for saltwater fishing reels. Bearing Corrosion Resistance No matter what type of bearing is being considered, sealed bearings, shielded bearings, or even open face bearings, one requirement...

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