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Extremus ICY Hollow Ice Packs

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Product Description

Long-Lasting Reusable Cooling: The Extremus Icy Hollow Ice Packs are scientifically formulated with a premium cooling gel to keep your food items fresh all day long.  Simply place in a freezer for 4-6 hours and the ice packs can retain coldness for up to 6-12 hours. No more filling a cooler with ice and dealing with melted water leakage. These ice packs are slim and lightweight and can make a great ice substitute to keep your food and drinks cooler and fresher.

100% BPA-Free and Food-Grade Durable: These cooler packs are made with 100% BPA-free, non-toxic, food-grade HDPE material, to ensure the safety of your food and drinks. The thick HDPE material can withstand up to 175lbs of pressure, built to withstand the extreme elements. And the ice packs are specially designed with a flexible concave-convex physical structure on the surface that always keeps its expansion rate under 15% and prevents over-inflating when frozen solid.

Double-Seal Protection: These cooler ice packs contain a double-seal protective lid design with an inner sealed cover and an outer twist-off lid. The inside cover is fastened shut by ultrasonic technology that effectively seals the cooling gel. The outside lid is removable by firmly twisting the lid on or off by hand. This double-seal hygienic design guarantees that the interior cooling liquid won’t spill out and prevents germs from growing inside the ice pack.

3 Convenient Sizes: The Extremus ice packs are available in three convenient sizes to make storing easy: ice bar, ultra slim, and big chill. Pick the right fit for more efficient cooling power. And ready-access carrying handles are specially designed for the ultra slim/big chill size ice packs for easy movement and storage. Additionally, these ice packs are easy to clean, just rinse, wash and wipe. Then store them back in the freezer, so they are always ready for your next use.

Multipurpose Ice Packs: Extremus ice packs are not just for coolers, and use them anywhere you go! Have a bruise, sprain, or muscle ache? Use an ice pack to ease the pain. Need to lower the temperature of a water tank? Drop the ice packs inside to cool it down. Too hot inside your home? Wrap with a towel and apply to your forehead. These outdoor ice packs are perfect to keep food, drinks, and medication cool during camping, hiking, fishing, picnics, and BBQs.

Extremus Icy Hollow Ice Packs

  • Fully designed for avid outdoor explorers, the Extremus Icy Hollow Ice Packs are a food-grade safe, durable, and reusable solution for all your adventures.
  • These ice packs are slim and lightweight for easy carrying and transporting. Take these wherever you go to keep any of your food, drinks, or personal items from overheating or melting.
  • Built to withstand the extreme elements, the thick HDPE material can withstand up to 175lbs of pressure and can be dropped from 6 feet without being damaged. And the concave-convex physical structure ensures the ice packs don’t over-expand or under-contract with changing temperatures.


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