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Extremus Micro I-Beam Inflatable Air Sleeping Pad

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Product Description


Key Features - Micro I-Beam design provides 4'' thick uniform body support - Bigger & Wider Design w/ dimensions 75''x 25''x 4'' - Environmentally friendly soft waterproof TPU coated material - Inflate with the built-in foot pump - Insulation R value of 3.6 for warmth

Micro I-Beam Comfortable Support - To ensure superb comfort, we designed an internal Micro I-Beam structure to evenly distribute air pressure where you need it. The Micro I-Beam design helps to direct air pressure to the right locations, providing extra support to pressure points for uniform support. With 4'' thickness and 25'' width, whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach, the Extremus Micro-I Beam sleeping pad adjusts to your sleeping style providing a good night's sleep.

Soft/Durable/Waterproof Material - To ensure the highest quality, we use an environmentally friendly 210T thermoplastic coated material (TPU). Comparing with other PVC material sleeping pad, our material is abrasion resistant, waterproof, very soft and is pliable in low temperature conditions. These Extremus air pads will provide years of restful sleep and are extremely comfortable. Each Extremus Micro I-Beam sleeping pad will support up to 440 lbs.

Built-In Pump - No air pump is required with the integrated air pump. Each Extremus Micro I-Beam has a built-in foot operated pump so you can fill up your air pad without an air pump or using your mouth. Simply close the valve at the head of the pad and then repeatedly push on the pump with your foot at the foot end of the sleeping pad until it is inflated.

Multiuse & Insulation - The 4-inch thick Extremus Micro I-Beam sleeping pad has an R value of 3.6 to help insulate you from the cold ground and provides a good night sleep. This multipurpose sleeping pad weights only 30oz and packs down to 14.5'' x 5'' x 3'' making it ideal for camping, hiking, hunting, or as an extra bed for guests. Each Micro I-Beam sleeping pad includes a carry bag for easy storage.

Product Description

Extremus Micro I-Beam Inflatable Air Sleeping Pad 1


Extremus Micro I-Beam 4” Thick Inflatable Sleeping Pad

The new, Extremus Micro I-Beam 4” thick inflatable sleeping pad is designed for comfort and portability making it the ideal sleeping pad for camping, hiking, hunting or as an extra bed for guests. With an R-value of 3.6 you will be insulated from the cold ground keeping you warm all night long.

The Micro I-Beam sleeping pad’s innovative internal construction is designed to channel a cushion of air to key pressure points for even support. This uniform support means you will not feel the ground no matter if you sleep on your back, side, or stomach ensuring you will always get a restful night of sleep.

We use tightly woven 210T material that is tough and light weight for the harsh outdoor conditions. Our material is also topped with a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) finish that is abrasion resistant yet very soft and flexible in extremely low temperatures. This means that even in cold winter conditions, the Extremus Micro-I Beam Sleeping Pad will be soft and comfortable.

No need to pack an air pump! Inflation is simple and easy with the built-in foot pump. Close the valve at the head of the air pad and then repeatedly push on the pump with your foot and before you know it the Extremus Micro I-Beam will be full of air. This built-in air pump makes it the perfect sleeping pad for all your travels and outdoor adventures.

The Micro I-Beam sleeping pad measures 75” x 25” providing plenty of room for sleeping and the 4” thickness provides ample comfort and insulation from cold surfaces. This large sleeping pad weighs only 30oz but can bear 440LB weight. And it packs down to a compact size of 14.5”x 5”x 3” and includes a drawstring bag for easy storage.

The Extremus Micro I-Beam sleeping pad is perfect for the avid outdoorsman who likes to camp, hunt, or bike!

Extremus Micro I-Beam Inflatable Air Sleeping Pad


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