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Extremus Mission Mountain Ultralight Trekking Poles

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Product Description

ONE-PIECE CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY – Crafted with aircraft-grade T6 aluminum, the ultralight Mission Mountain Trekking Poles utilize a one-piece construction technology, making it much stronger than other telescopic trekking poles while weighing only 9.5oz. The interior of the lightweight poles is firmly connected by a super durable Kevlar braided line. And the Silicone soft pipe and cone-shaped joint tightly fill all the gaps inside the tube, so there’s no unwanted movement.

DOUBLE LOCK SYSTEM– These trekking poles contain a Quick Double Locking system that secures your poles in place. The first level of protection includes the metal pole legs that easily snap into place once the pole is unfolded and extended. The second level is the height adjustable flick lock that secures your pole to a precise length. This dual locking technology ensures these hiking poles won’t shrink while you press down on them like other telescopic poles.

COMFORTABLE NON-SLIP GRIP – Both walking sticks feature a comfortable EVA grip that provides a firm handgrip and makes the poles easier to hold without slipping even when your hand is wet. The poles also contain a comfortable moisture-wicking wrist carrying strap, so you never lose your poles. Built for those who conquer terrain no matter the weather conditions.

ADJUSTABLE FOR EASY STORAGE – These foldable walking sticks are easily adjustable to work for different heights - Quickly adjust the length from 46’’ to 54’’ with the flick lock to fit the perfect height for your needs. All parts of the strong folding adjustable trekking poles easily collapse down to 15’’ to be conveniently stored in the handy roll storage bag.

SUITABLE FOR ALL TERRAINS – Each trekking pole set includes 10 interchangeable accessories: 4 storage baskets, 2 snow baskets, 2 mud baskets, and 2 asphalt tips, giving you all the essentials you need to conquer any terrain that lays in your path. The professional Mission Mountain trekking poles are a perfect tool for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, exploring, and more. They make a great Gift for any explorer who braves the outdoor elements!


Why Do Active Trekkers Use The Extremus Trekking Poles?

  • They are designed with unique one-piece construction technology, and it’s ultralight. Only 9.5oz per piece.
  • The trekking pole's interior is made of a high-quality Kevlar material that connects the poles and easily snaps into place once extended.
  • A Silicone soft pipe surrounds the Kevlar fiber, and the cone-shaped joint tightly fills all the gaps inside the metal tube so that there’s no unwanted movement.
  • Each pole has a Quick Double Lock feature that ensures your poles stay upright and sturdy.

reduce the physical impact

Hike Comfortably Everywhere You Go

Protect your body and Reduce the physical impact of each step you take with the Extremus Trekking Poles. Designed with ultimate comfort in mind, these poles set your muscles, bones, and joints at ease, allowing you to trek longer and farther.

Adjustable Trekking Poles


These trekking poles are easily adjustable to match your perfect height. Whether you are 5'5" or 6'5" or anywhere in between, these poles will work for you. The double locking system ensures a steady maintained height throughout your hike for smooth trekking.

enjoy outdoor sports


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