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Extremus Paracord Carabiner

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Multi-Purpose Survival Tool – The new Extremus Carabiner Survival tool is a multi-purpose tool that should be in every camper, hiker, hunter, fisherman and outdoors person’s pack. This thin, lightweight tool can be used for hundreds of uses and because it is super thin and light, it can be packed easily on every trip

Paracord Tightening/Lashing Tool – The Extremus Carabiner Tool is designed as the perfect companion when using paracord to hold loads securely to almost any attachment point. Simply attach the carabiner clip to a solid anchor point and insert the paracord through one of two positions in the tool. Pull your cord tight to secure the load and then quickly secure the paracord in the locking teeth to keep it tight. No need to tie knots or cut the cord to length.

Strong Stainless-Steel Construction – The Extremus Carabiner Survival tool is extremely strong because it’s made from 3CR13 stainless-steel. While each tool is less than 1/8” thick and weighs only 22.8 grams (.8 ounces), it still has a breaking strength of 220 lbs/100Kg! You can securely tighten heavy loads with 550 Extremus Paracord (Sold Separately) or use it to tighten tent poles, rain flies and much more. Dimensions are 2.4” wide x 2.8” high at the widest points.

Each Pack Includes 2 Tools – The Extremus Carabiner Survival tool is available in 4 different colors and includes two tools in the handy, mesh storage bag that makes travel and storage easy. This is a great emergency tool to have any place you go – cars, motorcycles, boats, tackle bags, hunting and hiking packs and so much more. Pack a 50’ or 100’ length of Extremus Paracord with the Carabiner and you’ll be ready for almost any emergency situation.

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