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Extremus SwitchBak Tie-Down Bungee System

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Product Description


  • Key Features – Infinite uses to organize your gear – Simple and easy to use – Build longer Extremus Switchbacks to suite your needs – Comes in 6”, 8”, and 10” lengths – Includes a drawstring storage bag
  • INFINITE USES – Only your imagination limits the uses of the SwitchBak. Use it for bundling, wrapping, lashing, connecting, linking. Use this handy accessory to: bundle power cords, wrap fishing rods together, lash a bag to a kayak, use as a pull handle, organize rope, use as a fishing rod hook keeper, lash down items to a bike, strap items to a roof rack, tie-down a canopy or rainfly, and more!
  • EASY TO USE – Extremus SwitchBak is a simple and useful organizing and storage tool. Wrap the bungee around two or more items, place the ball between the 2 bungees, and slide the collar to tighten and lock in place. Another option is to keep a SwitchBak attached to one item and then bundle or attached other items to it. Example, attach a SwitchBak to an extension cord, coil the extension cord, then wrap the bungee around the cord and hook on the ball to hold the coiled cord together.
  • CREATE A LONG SWITCHBAK – For a longer SwitchBak attach several SwitchBaks together to create the length you need. Place the ball of one SwitchBak through the bungees between the pull tab and sliding collar of the second SwitchBak, then slide the collar towards the pull tab to lock them together.
  • SIZES AND COLORS – Extremus SwitchBak is available in lengths of 6”, 8” and 10”. Colors include black, desert brown, and chartreuse. Extremus includes a handy drawstring storage bag to manage your SwitchBaks.

Product Description

Extremus SwitchBak Tie-down Bungee System, Bungee Cords Heavy Duty, Multi-Use Organizing Tool

Extremus SwitchBak Tie-down Bungee System

The Extremus SwitchBak is design to help you store and manage all your stuff at home, at work, while traveling, or in the outdoors!

This handy tool can be used in many ways. You can use the SwitchBak to bundle multiple items together, manage single items like a power cord or garden hose, use to lash items to a kayak or bike, or as a makeshift handle. The possible uses for this accessory are truly unlimited.

SwitchBaks are easy to use. Wrap the ball round and through the bungee then slide the collar to lock in place or capture one item and wrap around a second item to attach two items together. To create a longer one you can join several SwitchBaks together.

Extremus includes a storage bag to help manage your SwitchBaks. Keep them in your tackle bag, truck, boat, or garage to always have them handy. They are available in 6”, 8” and 10” sizes.

Once you use a SwitchBak you will want to have more!

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