Extremus Weatherproof Outdoor Lighter

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  • Key Features – Weatherproof design – Safe flameless design – Rechargeable lithium ion batteries – Survival whistle and paracord .
  • WEATHERPROOF – The Extremus Weatherproof Lighter is built with rubber seal and a locking cap to ensure electrodes and other internal components are protected from the elements in all weather conditions. Use as a fire starter anywhere; anytime.
  • SAFE FLAMELESS DESIGN – Our flameless design means you can start a fire in almost any weather conditions. It reduces the chances of burns, and unintentionally starting a forest fire. The plasma electrodes produce a high temperature arc which ignites a fire in an instant.
  • RECHARGABLE – The Extremus lighter is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery that can be used up to 300 times on a single charge. This quick charge battery will reach a full charge in only 1.5-2 hours and will stay charged for up to a week.
  • SURVIVAL FEATURES – We have included a paracord lanyard with a whistle should unexpected survival situations arise. The paracord material can be used as fire starter tinder to start a fire, create a fishing lure, make a survival bow, and more.

Product Description

Extremus Weatherproof Lighter

The Extremus Weatherproof Lighter can start a fire in the most severe weather condition and help to keep you safe on your next outdoor excursion.

Extremus Weatherproof Lighter

Our Extremus lighter comes with an all-weather seal and a locking cap to ensure the plasma electrodes and other internal components do not get damaged. The flameless design is easy to use, helps to prevent burn injuries, and reduces the risk of accidently starting a fire in the great outdoors.

Extremus Weatherproof Lighter

The lighter is fueled by rechargeable lithium ion batteries and can be used up to 300 times on one charge. Charging time is quick. In only 1.5-2 hours your lighter will be fully charged and it will hold a charge up to a week.

Extremus Weatherproof Lighte

Paracord lanyard and whistle provide additional essential survival features. The whistle can be used to get someone’s attention or to signal for help if needed. Paracord can be used as tinder to start a fire, added to a hook as lure for fishing, used as a string for a survival bow, and many other uses.

Weatherproof Lighter

If you like to spend time outdoors the Extremus Weatherproof Lighter is a must have for your next outdoor adventure!


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