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KastKing Copolymer Fishing Line

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Product Description


RELIABLE – Great knot strength helps you maintain a good hook set.

LOW MEMORY – Now you can achieve longer, smoother casts! KastKing Copolymer fishing line has less stretch than monofilament line, but more than braided line or fluorocarbon line.

GREAT VALUE – Featuring only the highest quality components for the best price on the market. KastKing Copolymer Line delivers what other brands can’t!

LOW VISABILITY- makes it perfect replacement for a fluorocarbon leader line or instead of using an obvious wire leader!

ABRASION RESISTANT - It’s always been a challenge to find the perfect line with just the right amount of abrasion resistance, castability and breaking strength without having to go to the extreme of using a small or large diameter fishing line.

Product Description

KastKing Copolymer Fishing Line

  • KastKing Copolymer Fishing Line is created to give you premium strength while still retaining low memory and visibility.
  • KastKing Copolymer line is a combination of formulas that give it the best characteristics for varied fishing situations. Uniquely designed KastKing line has a low memory that allows you to achieve ultimate castability!
  • In addition to clear line, KastKing copolymer line comes in multiple colors including green, copper, and camouflage color. There’s no longer any reason to overpay for high-quality fishing lines anymore.
  • Whether you are fishing saltwater or freshwater, trout fishing, bass fishing, or ice fishing, you can count on KastKing Copolymer line to become your next favorite fishing line to use as a main line or to tie on as a leader to braided fishing line. It’s what belongs on your fishing tackle.


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