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  • KEY FEATURES – UPF 50 UV protection for your hands – Breathable poly-spandex material – Double layer palm protects hands – Integrated pull tabs – Fashionable Prym1 colors
  • UPF 50 PROTECTION – The KastKing Gil Raker gloves for men and women were designed by our team of elite anglers for comfortable snug fit fishing gloves. They are rated UPF 50 to ensure you have sun protection for your hands from harmful UV rays. KastKing Gil Raker fishing gloves can also help protect you from insect bites.
  • BREATHABLE MATERIAL – KastKing uses breathable poly-spandex fabric on the back of the glove to keep you cool and comfortable all day long without getting sunburned. KastKing’s 4-way stretch fabric offers a snug fit that won’t affect your dexterity to turn reel handles, change hooks and bait or land fish.
  • DOUBLE LAYER PALM – Two layers of material protects your hands from spiny fish and help to extend the life of your gloves because of the extra padding. A microfiber layer allows for natural hand movement and the PVC layer prevents cuts and scrapes. Integrated pull loops on the fingers make it easy to take off your gloves and the hook and loop wrist strap keeps them from slipping off. They are excellent for added protection as cold weather fishing gloves.
  • Prym1 CAMO – “BE THE PREDATOR” with American born Prym1 Camo, KastKing is proud to partner with Stacie Walker a wildlife artist and founder of Prym1 Camo. Protect your hands and stay protected from skin damage in style with the KastKing Gil Raker Gloves.

Product Description


Protect your hands and stay protected from the sun in style with KastKing¡¯s Gil Raker gloves!

KastKing Gil Raker fingerless fishing gloves were designed for sun protection, function, and fashion with the help of our team of elite outdoorsmen.

These gloves are rated UPF 50 and are made to protect your skin from sun damage and to protect your hands from cuts, scrapes, and insect bites. Gil Raker fishing gloves for men and women are also effective as kayaking gloves, bicycling gloves, or hiking gloves.

Hook and Loop Wrist Strap

4-Way Stretch Fabric

Integrated Pull Loops

Double Layer Palm

Hook and Loop Wrist Strap

The hook and loop wrist strap allow you to tighten the Gil Raker gloves for a secure fit that won’t slip off.

4-Way Stretch Fabric

Breathable 4-way stretch fabric offers a snug comfortable fit which won't interfere with your fishing. The open fingers and snug fit mean your gloves won't affect your ability to turn reel handles, tie knots, or land fish.

Integrated Pull Loops

Pull loops designed into the gloves allow for quick and easy removal.

Double Layer Palm

The microfiber palm allows for natural hand movement without restrictions and a PVC layer creates a tough outer shell to protect your hands from scrapes and cuts. Pull loops have also been sewn onto fingers to assist with removal.



Gil Raker Gloves

Prym1 Camo uses the colours and textures of nature with the organic patterns of wildlife to create a camouflage with the effectiveness of a predator.

The concept of the Prym1 patterns stems for what we call the“Stipple Effect”.

By understanding how light diffuses and fragments through a Woodland; be it through the leaves, the foliage and the trees onto the woodland understory, in either dappled shade, full sun, or complete shadow often giving areas of high contrast (even on cloudy days), it creates broken up small fragments of light – “stippling”. Thus, helping to break up outline and help camouflage.

Over the years, Stacie's inspiration has come from ‘pointillism' art. A technique of neo-impressionist painting using tiny dots of various pure colours which become blended to the eye.

The spots on a leopard are unique, yet they work whether he is in a tree or stalking on the ground.

KastKing has teamed up with Prym1 Camo to offer the latest fashionable styles and colors.

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