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KastKing Royale Legend Elite Baitcasting Reel, Custom Parts Kit

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Product Description

  • INCREASE PERFORMANCE – KastKing Royale Legend Elite baitcasting reels already deliver tournament proven performance right out of the box. Upgrade your Royal Legend Elite baitcaster with the KastKing Extreme Shop Custom Parts kit to a whole new level. The Custom Parts Kit includes an anodized machined aluminum spool, aluminum tensioning knob, double anodized aluminum handle with EVA knobs, aluminum locking plate and handle knob cap, and a beautiful, machined aluminum double anodized star drag.
  • IMPROVE COMFORT – Each KastKing Extreme Shop Custom parts kit includes a pair of super comfortable EVA knobs that that provide a superior grip on the reel handle, improve comfort, and reduce fatigue throughout long days on the water. The EVA knobs are held firmly in place with the included, machined aluminum screw in knob caps.
  • CNC ALUMINUM COMPONENTS – Upgraded CNC machined T6061 aluminum parts like the spool, star drag, tensioning knob and handle assembly, reduce weight, provide strength, and add power while delivering a custom fishing reel look to your favorite Royal Legend Elite baitcast reel.
  • CUSTOMIZE THE LOOK - These precision machined aero-grade aluminum parts with double anodized colors will give your baitcasting reel a Custom Reel appearance. Custom Parts Kits are available with black components and with either Red or Silver anodized features. Use 2 kits to add a variety of colors to your fishing reels.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL ROYALE LEGEND ELITE REELS – KastKing Royale Legend Elite baitcasting reels are available in 4 different colors. Each color is associated with its own gear ratio. The Custom Parts Kit fits all gear ratio Royale Legend Elite series cast reels in either right-hand or left-hand retrieve. Pick your custom parts color and upgrade your Royal Legend Elite baitcaster today!

Product description

The amazing new KastKing Royale Legend Elite baitcasting reel is the smallest and most compact baitcaster that KastKing has made. It's the first in an incredible new series of "Elite" tournament proven reels from the KastKing philosophy, "Designed for Competition; Engineered for the Win." 

Now you can customize your favorite Royal Legend Elite casting reel with a KastKing Extreme Shop Custom Parts kit. Each kit includes all the custom parts you'll want to reduce weight, improve performance, and provide exceptional comfort during a long day on the water.

The KastKing Royal Legend Elite Baitcasting Reel Custom Parts Kit includes the following components to upgrade your reel from exceptional to absolutely incredible! 

*CNC Machined Aluminum Spool with Double Anodized Colors
*CNC Machined Aluminum Tensioning Knob
*CNC Machined Aluminum Handle with custom engraved, EVA handle knobs
*CNC Machined Aluminum Handle Locking Plate and Handle Knob Cap
*CNC Machined Aluminum Star Drag

All KastKing Extreme Shop custom parts are double anodized with black components and either red or silver trim features to give your reel that custom appearance.

KastKing Royal Legend Elite baitcasting reels are available in 4 different colors, each associated with its own gear ratio, so they are quick and easy to identify when time is critical. Every reel is also available in either right-hand or left-hand retrieve, so you never have to compromise performance or comfort. The new Custom Parts Kit is compatible with every Royal Legend Elite reel made so all you have to do is decide which color you want and you're on your way to an even better performing and better-looking reel in minutes.


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