Exergy fly fishing lines are high performance, weight forward, floating lines that deliver long, effortless casts and easy line turnover because of our unique belly design, short front taper and long running line. The lines float exceptionally high in the water and make line control easy.

An incredible fly fishing experience starts with incredible fly fishing line! You may have traveled to a world class destination where colorful trout are stacked end to end in gin clear water. You’ve armed yourself with a quality fly rod and reel and dozens of hand tie flies. But if you’re fly fishing line isn’t up to the task, your efforts will fall far short of expectations. This is exactly why KastKing has developed the new Exergy series of fly fishing lines, so you’ll never fall short when your line hits the water.

KastKing has always been a Green Company that has fostered environmental responsibility. To meet that expectation, all Exergy fly fishing lines are spooled on our award winning, biodegradable BioSpool, which is made from wheat straw and unlike plastic spools, will decompose naturally over time.

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