Fishing Skills

Don't miss out on our best articles on fishing world and everything connected to it.

Fishing Skills

Don't miss out on our best articles on fishing world and everything connected to it.

Drag Setting, Pressure and Gear Ratio

Gear ratio has nothing to do with applying pressure, it is just a formula that puts the line back on the reel. Pressure on the fish comes from your rod and your drag setting.

Top Three Ultralight Finesse Fishing Techniques

This Blog article is an excerpt from the KastKing video TOP 3 Ultralight Techniques Ft Hooked Up With Hunter Nodae. He explains the three best lures for light tackle fishing. “Today we are going over the top three fall pan fishing techniques to help you get more fish in the boat this fall to winter transition. I’m currently in Florida and fall pan fishing is turning on hopefully we can go get on some today. “I’m going to go over the top three techniques that I’m probably using today and as far as what I think is going to be...

Fishing the Banks: Largemouth Bass and More

In this day in age, all we ever hear about is the guy running the 20 plus foot bass boat powered by a 250 motor, twin Power Poles, dual sets of electronics with side scan, down scan, sonar and some I even think to get HBO! The rig has a trolling motor that could push my old 10-foot flat bottomed to water skiing speed. But what about the guy that goes fishing the banks in search of his favorite fish – bass, panfish, walleye, perch or whatever? I grew up on Long Island and for many years I never had...

Toothy Critters: Handling is the Key

Over the years I have encountered a lot of fish that by no means can be “lipped” after you land them. Although, I have seen more than one angler try to “lip” a toothy critter. The outcome is usually a scream like a scared little kid at a haunted house on Halloween as the blood begins to flow, and fingers are counted. Fluke (summer flounder), bluefish, pike, pickerel, weakfish, triggerfish, sheepshead and blackfish to name a few are fish you do not want to put your fingers anywhere near their teeth. Okay, so what is the best way to deal...

The Forgotten Spinnerbait - A Must Have In Your Fishing Lure Arsenal

Dialing back the time clock to the early 70s I can remember the first time I ever used a spinnerbait. I was at Blydenburgh Lake with a fellow angler I had met through playing ice hockey. He was throwing a purple jelly worm, and scoring quite a few fish. For some reason, I would not change. I do not know if it was the way the spinnerbait worked, the coverage I could get, or just plain…it’s new, I have to stick with it. I caught a lot of fish that day, but he still out-fished me, and had a fat...