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Don't miss out on our best articles on fishing world and everything connected to it.

How To

Don't miss out on our best articles on fishing world and everything connected to it.

Fishing Tackle - The Balance of Power

Matching the best fishing reel to the best fishing rod for balance and the best setup as a rod and reel combo. I’ve seen this problem exist among newbie and veteran anglers alike …the matching up of the correct size and types of fishing tackle. A fishing reel, fishing rod and fishing line need to work as a coordinated unit, with one part not overshadowing the others by being too heavy or too light.  There needs to be balance within the components themselves and balance in the relationship of the components.   Fishing tackle also needs to be matched to...

How to Restring a Fishing Reel

Having a strong healthy fishing line on your fishing reel is essential in having a productive outing on the water. If you have old or bad fishing line spooled on your reel there are endless possibilities for things to go wrong. The same goes if you do not restring the fishing line correctly. Even with the best fishing line out there, a proper set up and restringing technique is vital.

Why The Bad Rap On Bluefish?

On an early September Sunday afternoon, the kind of day picture postcards are made from, Summer’s warmth was still in play.  A nice time to fish.  And…have fun. Snappers, juvenile bluefish, run thick in the bay at that time of year. On light tackle they’re a blast to go fishing for. It’s been said about bluefish that pound-for-pound no other inshore game fish matches its fighting abilities and to find something that gives equal battle requires heading out to deep blue waters for tuna or marlin. Yes, the young’uns are no different and easy to catch. All it takes is...

How To Set Up A Fishing Rod-Is Your Fishing Rod and Reel Ready for Action?

What do you have to do today to set up the perfect fishing rod to fishing reel, and fishing gear to make your day fun, effortless and rewarding? Let's take a look and see how to set up a fishing rod and what needs to be done, plus a few tips to keep you fishing all day.

How To Tie Fishing Knots You Must Know!

there are tons of them out there – Alberto knot, improved clinch knot, Trilene knot and many more fishing knots. Whether you are tying fishing knots using any of the KastKing series of braided fishing line, monofilament fishing line or fluorocarbon fishing lines, the main ingredient is how well you tie the fishing knot.  I believe, and I base this on over 50 years of angling, you need to know four knots, and know them well. If you learn these four knots, you will be well on your way to successful angling, without the fear of knot failure.   If you know...