KastKing V10LS Spooling Station and Rod Rack has a unique built-in line spooling system and curved design to give you maximum storage in a minimum space for your fishing gear.The rod rack can hold up to 10 rods or combs. Removable cups on the lower rack allows you to change the height of the reels providing more clearance for adding or removing combos from the V10LS. We have also included a storage shelf on the lower rod rack for storing pliers, line scissors, fishing line, or other items.The innovative V10LS Spooling Station Rod Rack makes it easy to spool your reels and manage all your fishing gear.

Storing fishing rods or combos in the V15 is simple and easy. Simply push the rod into the appropriate size v-groove until the tacky polymer material grabs the rod. To ensure rods stay securely in place on the V-15 Rod rack, place the rod on the rack with the thicker thread wrapped area of the line guide just above the v-groove. To remove a rod or combo simply grab the rod near the rack and pull straight out.If you have limited space and need to organize your fishing gear, the great value KastKing V15 rod and combo fishing pole holder is just what you need!

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