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Don't miss out on our best articles on fishing world and everything connected to it.

Buying Guide & Reviews

Don't miss out on our best articles on fishing world and everything connected to it.

The Best Bass Fishing Rods 2022: Top 10 Picks

This Outdoors Writer gives his views about the 10 Best Bass Fishing Rods for 2022. I have been bass fishing virtually my entire life, and I have used some of the best bass fishing rods an angler has ever seen. One of my favorites early on was an old cherry wood Berkley spinning rod. The rod was a beast, and could handle anything I caught. For today’s angler, there is a plethora of options from spinning rods to baitcasting rods. Let’s take a look at what I feel are the 10 best bass fishing rods for the 2022 season and beyond. What...

Spinning Reels…What Line is “Best?”

Over the years I have had hundreds of anglers ask me the following question regarding fishing reels, specifically spinning reels. “Tom, you fish all over, and fish a lot, what is the best line for spinning reels?” My reply is usually the same; “That is a loaded question my friend, but I’ll explain it to you.” Choosing the right fishing line for a spinning reel is paramount in any fishing that you do. However, there is a problem with this because if you poll 100 hundred anglers as to what is the best for spinning reels, you will get a...

KastKing Saltwater Fishing Gear Review

A look at KastKing saltwater fishing tackle including KastKing Estuary saltwater fishing rods. This article is from the KastKing Saltwater Fishing Gear Review Ft Gus OneBear video. In this KastKing fishing gear video Gus goes offshore fishing with KastKing Estuary Inshore saltwater fishing rods, KastKing KONG rods, KastKing Kapstan 300 and ReKon baitcasting reels, and Spartacus II Spinning Reels KastKing saltwater fishing rods and saltwater fishing reels used in the video. Estuary Inshore Fishing Rod KONG Fishing Rod Kapstan 300 Baitcasting Reel Spartacus II Spinning Reel Here’s what Gus has to say about his saltwater fishing tackle, “What's going on...

KastKing Estuary Fishing Rod Review-A Great Inshore Saltwater Rod Addition To Your Arsenal

The new Kast King Estuary inshore spinning rod line up could be a game changer when it comes to inshore fishing action. This fishing rod series comes in five inshore spinning rods and one inshore casting rod.

Weigh'Em and Release'Em!

About 25 years ago I landed what I believe was my largest bass ever. I was fishing in an area called “Stump Pond,” inside Southaven County Park on Long Island, NY. The lake itself was always known for trout action as the state stocked it twice yearly. I also knew from past experience, the lake held some real big largemouths. I was fishing a small chartreuse spinnerbait on 10-pound test monofilament fishing line. The rod and reel was a shorter 6-foot spinning rod rated for 4-10 pounds. I made a cast from the shore towards a large stump. As I...