Fishing line

Don't miss out on our best articles on fishing world and everything connected to it.

Fishing line

Don't miss out on our best articles on fishing world and everything connected to it.

Spinning Reels…What Line is “Best?”

Over the years I have had hundreds of anglers ask me the following question regarding fishing reels, specifically spinning reels. “Tom, you fish all over, and fish a lot, what is the best line for spinning reels?” My reply is usually the same; “That is a loaded question my friend, but I’ll explain it to you.” Choosing the right fishing line for a spinning reel is paramount in any fishing that you do. However, there is a problem with this because if you poll 100 hundred anglers as to what is the best for spinning reels, you will get a...

KastKing 13X Finesse Braid Fishing Line Review

With advances made daily with fishing line, braided fishing line has come a long way from its start in 1953. Braided line used to be a heavy, bulky line. In today’s world, braids are compared to spider silk made from steel! The new KastKing KastPro 13X Finesse Braided Fishing Line has tipped the scales to perfection. This fishing line is not only super thin, it coils nicely on the reel, and is as smooth as silk. Combine all these attributes in and you have a superior braided fishing line that no other can compare to. Tying 13X Braid Line to...

2021 KastKing Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is here and now is the time to begin thinking of your favorite angler and what fishing gifts he or she may want or need for the upcoming 2022 season and beyond. And, if you are that angler, now is the time to do a lot of hinting to ensure you get cool and innovative fishing gear from KastKing! Here’s a list of ten sure-to-please fishing gear items at affordable prices. KastKing V10LS COMBO RACK Space is always an issue when storing rods, however, the KastKing V10LS has this issue solved in a big way. The V10LS Combo...

KastKing Line Boss For Fishing Line Storage

The KastKing Line Boss is designed to help you manage your fishing line spools and assist with spooling fishing reels. It is made from elastic woven material with a pull tab at one end, a sliding collar, and a stainless-steel line guide embedded into the fabric.   Why do I need a KastKing Line Boss?  Once you remove a spool of line from the box, it seems like it is always a chore to find the end of the line when you want to spool a reel or pull off some line for a leader.  Some line manufactures use stickers to hold down the end of...

KastKing Answers Braid Fishing Line Trend

KastKing feels they struck gold with their 13X and 8X braid lines that work equally well on spinning reels or baitcasting setups. They deliver incredible casting distance, extremely sensitive strike detection, smoothness, limpness, and without “fuzzing” of the line due to the tight weave.