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Cliff Crochet


Cliff joined the Lake Verret Bass Club in 2000 and began doing well in Federation Nation events. He became the youngest-ever Louisiana State Champion in 2006 and set his eyes on fishing professionally.

Brent Chapman


Brent won the 2012 Bassmaster Angler of the Year, which most anglers consider the toughest and most prestigious title that a professional angler can attain. Brent has qualified for 14 Bassmaster Classics and has won 4 Bassmaster tournaments. Brent has qualified for Major League Fishing Championship and The MLF Bass Pro Tour Redcrest!

Dylan Nussbaum


Dylan describes himself as a "bass fisherman for walleyes," with a passion for active casting using artificial lures and using electronics to interact with fish in a one-on-one style that feels like playing a video game. He's also at the forefront of developing new walleye-catching techniques.


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