KastKing Announces Additions to Pro Staff

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KastKing Announces Additions to Pro Staff

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MLF Bass Pros Skeet Reese and James Elam Join the KastKing Lineup

2023 marks the 10-year anniversary of KastKing. A leading rod, reel, line, and tackle accessories manufacturer, KastKing sells fishing tackle worldwide through a variety of supply chains. With affordable innovation, ingenious designs, and novel concepts, this manufacturer has positioned itself as a powerhouse in the fishing tackle industry.

"Today, I'm proud to announce the addition of two Bass Pro Tour MLF Fishing Pros to Team KastKing with the signing of my old friend Skeet Reese and a new friend, James Elam. Both professional anglers bring amazing talent, passion, and credibility to our brand," stated Al Noraker, president of KastKing USA.

"Both anglers signify the quality and technology that KastKing brings to anglers of all abilities as they strive to win at every level, whether on the bass tournament circuit or simply enjoying the sport of fishing," he added.

Skeet Reese has one of the most successful careers in bass fishing history. Skeet is a Northern California native and is one of just a few anglers that have claimed both Bassmaster Elite Series Angler of the Year and Bassmaster Classic titles.

"I'm excited to be joining the KastKing team to represent KastKing reels."I love that they are a 10-year-old company that has gone against what traditional big brands have done. They have their own team of engineers developing their designs. KastKing started from scratch building great products at affordable prices," explained Reese.

"What impressed me is the combined high quality and affordable pricing. The quality is better than I've ever seen in many fishing products, so you'd expect the price point to be two to three times what they are. Comparable brands are in the $300 and $400 range, but you're often looking at comparable quality but at a mid $100 price point," added Reese.

Reese will be fishing the entire line of KastKing reels; however, the KastKing Speed Demon Deadbolt and KastKing Speed Demon Elite really impress him.

"A reel that is blowing my mind is the Deadbolt! It's so simple; it makes so much sense for popping a frog or punching. Why have extra parts in a reel that you don’t use? It simplifies fishing," said Reese.

Speed Demon Deadbolt baitcasting reels were designed to eliminate frustrations anglers were having with their drag slipping when fishing heavy cover by removing the drag. The rotation allows for powerful, slip-free hook sets.

"Speed equals efficiency. That's where the Speed Demon reels work. You don't waste time getting the bait back in the boat. At the end of the day, if I get in an additional 40-50 casts, it can make all the difference," said Reese.

A former Bassmaster Elite and Open champion, Elam joined the Major League Bass Pro Tour Circuit four years ago. He will be fishing Major League Fishing's REDCREST, the World Championship of  Professional Bass Fishing, on Lake Norman in North Carolina this March, where he will be fishing KastKing rods and reels.

Elam's go-to rod series is the KastKing orange Speed Demon Pro Tournament Series. "There is a rod for every application a bass fisherman could need," said Elam. "You’ll usually see me with a Speed Demon Pro Tournament Series and a Speed Demon Elite reel in both the 10.5:1 and the 8.6:1 gear ratios, but there are several different reels I use for different applications", added Elam. He uses the KastKing Bassinator Elite reel for slower applications, especially in the slower 6.6:1 gear ratio. "When I need a smaller reel that throws light baits extremely well and can really zing, I love the KastKing Kestrel Elite Magnesium frame: BFS," he added.

"I'm excited to be on the KastKing team! I'm especially impressed at the affordability of all of the KastKing products. When bass fishing, it's easy to have a lot of money wrapped up in just a few products, but with KastKing, you can have a lot of great assortments and combinations in your boat at an affordable price. They've made innovation affordable for both the bass pro and the weekend bass warrior," said Elam.

"I expect both Skeet and James to push us to continue our growth and to develop new, cutting-edge technology that will help them win at the highest level. We welcome their requirement to be the best in everything we do, as it will push KastKing even harder to continue developing the highest quality and most innovative products available to anglers. I look forward to 2023 and beyond. I'll be their biggest cheerleader as they continue their quest for winning", said Noraker.

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Founded in 2013, KastKing had a vision of producing quality products designed by anglers for anglers and delivered directly to the consumer at affordable prices. True to that vision, KastKing products are developed through feedback from the fishing community and go straight to the manufacturing floor. This inverse of the traditional manufacturer-to-consumer formula introduces cutting-edge features into new products that anglers want and need. The brand has gained popularity among anglers by offering affordable innovation through in-house engineering, which allows KastKing to provide never before seen technology at truly remarkable prices. Ten years later, KastKing products have been sold in more than 60 countries across the globe through a variety of supply chains. Originally, KastKing's products were only available online, but consumers can now find their favorite products in a growing number of retail locations. For more information about KastKing and KastKing products, please visit our website at kastking.com or follow us on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.



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