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My KastKing Story

by Milton Thompson 16 Feb 2022

Here’s a story about a Texas saltwater angler’s journey from being a KastKing fishing gear consumer, to a KastKing fan, to a KastKing Brand Ambassador.

Found Love at Best Price

This is my story about Kastking. I was getting tired of paying high prices for monofilament line. I was looking for a cheaper price fishing line, so I came across KastKing on eBay. The price was just right so I figured I would give it a try. I didn’t really know anything about KastKing at that time. After a few fishing trips I had become very impressed with the KastKing fishing line. After that, when I needed mono I would buy some of theirs. So, I decided to look up the company and see what they were all about and find out that they were college kids that came up with the company and the mono fishing line.

Impressed by KastKing Fishing Reels

I became a little impressed about that and decided that I would try one of the reels. At that time I got the Rover 40 because I had liked Abu Garcia round reels. Even though I didn't really take too many pictures when I did fish, and caught fish, I just didn't take pictures. One night the spot where I was fishing was getting ready to close and I hooked into a very big black drum and the KastKing Rover did not fail. It brought that big black drum in like it was nothing. I had the KastKing 30lb mono on the Rover and was very impressed.

kastking rover

I used that constantly and it had become my go to reel. Then I decided to buy a Sharky II spinning reel. At that particular time I did not really like spinning reels, but I became pretty satisfied with it and today I still have both of the reels.

kastking sharky ii spinning reel

Next I decided to get a baitcasting reel. I got the KastKing Cadet and the original Royale Legend. I didn't really want to spend too much money, and again, the price was right. And I have to say, after that I started using KastKing more and more and left the other name brand reels alone. Then I started buying KastKing reels more and more and only read that one article about the company. I didn't really think about it too much after that. But, I knew that I liked their products.

kastking baitcaster

KastKing Social Media Got My Attention

 I had never even been on Facebook to see anything about the company, so when I finally opened up my Facebook account, I still had never looked up KastKing. One thing I knew was I was just using the products and never thought about posting anything and never thought about being a Brand Ambassador. At that time I didn't really know what that was, and I wasn't really interested in it,  but I liked the products. What brought me to KastKing was they low prices and good quality products. I didn't switch over to KastKing because I was mad with another product; no, I was just impressed with the KastKing products that I had gotten. When I did start seeing them on Facebook I posted something here and there, and the group was so friendly to me. Some of the other groups I was in weren't so friendly. Some of the questions I asked here and there were answered and were answered honestly. KastKing fans didn't try to belittle me because of what I was asking. That’s what made me just do more and more of posting fishing photos and commenting on KastKing products because I started enjoying the company even more. Then a few people from the company instant messaged me and asked me if I wanted  to become a part of the company and some other stuff. To be honest, I just thought they were just joking around! I did not realize they were that serious and I did not realize they were really paying that close attention to what I was doing posting about their products. So, I probably had missed a few opportunities during that particular time. But, that was okay because I was doing the posting and talking about the company because I was 100% backing them.

Becoming a KastKing Saltwater Fishing Guru

I wasn't expecting to receive anything from them. Because that's how much I enjoyed the products. Then one day I received two phone calls from Jose and Gus and they asked me to do a post no certain kind of way. I said okay, no problem, and from that point like, ‘Oh that's what they are looking for. Later on I had another conversation with one of the other representatives and I told him I'm not really a bass fisherman, but I had  been trying, but I'm more of a saltwater fisherman and I can talk about saltwater fishing more than anything. That was when they told me talk some saltwater.  Do what you are strong at. If you’re strong at doing saltwater fishing, talk saltwater fishing, but still teach yourself new techniques on how to bass fish and that's what I had done.

A Fishing Love Story With a Happy Ending

tom melton profileI am so happy to be with this company. They gave me the opportunity to run the KastKing Saltwater Angler Facebook page and now I'm a Brand Ambassador. That was something that I wasn't really pushing for, but decided why not? And, I'm so glad that Jose had contacted me to help me out to become better with what I'm doing.  Believe it or not, I do use bass fishing gear in saltwater and I have been successful with a lot of the bass fishing techniques in saltwater. I use the drop shot technique for flounder, I will the jerkbait technique for trout; I think you get the picture. Even though I have the majority of their reels, I would say right now the Estuary rod, Kong rod, Krome and Perigee II rods are my favorite fishing rods.  And, the Royale Legend reel family, Kapstan, and Spartacus reel family are my favorite reels. Basically, I didn't become a “KastKingaholic” for the company to sponsor me in any kind of way; I became a Kastkingholic because I just love the company!

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