Fishing Tackle

Don't miss out on our best articles on fishing world and everything connected to it.

Fishing Tackle

Don't miss out on our best articles on fishing world and everything connected to it.

Weigh'Em and Release'Em!

About 25 years ago I landed what I believe was my largest bass ever. I was fishing in an area called “Stump Pond,” inside Southaven County Park on Long Island, NY. The lake itself was always known for trout action as the state stocked it twice yearly. I also knew from past experience, the lake held some real big largemouths. I was fishing a small chartreuse spinnerbait on 10-pound test monofilament fishing line. The rod and reel was a shorter 6-foot spinning rod rated for 4-10 pounds. I made a cast from the shore towards a large stump. As I...

2021 KastKing Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is here and now is the time to begin thinking of your favorite angler and what fishing gifts he or she may want or need for the upcoming 2022 season and beyond. And, if you are that angler, now is the time to do a lot of hinting to ensure you get cool and innovative fishing gear from KastKing! Here’s a list of ten sure-to-please fishing gear items at affordable prices. KastKing V10LS COMBO RACK Space is always an issue when storing rods, however, the KastKing V10LS has this issue solved in a big way. The V10LS Combo...

Meet The New Player In Fishing Tackle

Now you can complete that fishing experience by having all those things that you need to tie onto the end of your fishing line to actually go catch fish. 

What KastKing Fishing Rods Use American Tackle Components?

KastKing Fishing Rods use some of the best components on the market. Award winning companies like American Tackle have dominated the tackle industry and it was only a matter of time until KastKing started utilizing their components. Why KastKing Chose American Tackle If you have been online in the past few years you might already know that American Tackle has reinvented fishing rod guide design. They are most famous for their Microwave Line Control System. The Microwave Line Control System is the most awarded technology in the fishing industry. It has won a total of six worldwide industry awards to...

If KastKing Is Direct To Consumer, Why Are Certain Other Retail Sellers Selling KastKing Fishing Tackle?

Why others sell KastKing is complicated. Why other retail sellers sell KastKing fishing tackle has a complex answer so, please stay with us through the article. The first ugly truth is there are some unscrupulous people saying they are KastKing dealers when that isn’t the case at all. They are only resellers who buy KastKing products on sale and mark them up to the retail price. They usually create problems for buyers when it’s time to return something or there’s a warranty issue.  No one is authorized to use the KastKing name for any commercial purpose.  KastKing is a trademark...