Saltwater Fishing

Don't miss out on our best articles on fishing world and everything connected to it.

Saltwater Fishing

Don't miss out on our best articles on fishing world and everything connected to it.

Toothy Critters: Handling is the Key

Over the years I have encountered a lot of fish that by no means can be “lipped” after you land them. Although, I have seen more than one angler try to “lip” a toothy critter. The outcome is usually a scream like a scared little kid at a haunted house on Halloween as the blood begins to flow, and fingers are counted. Fluke (summer flounder), bluefish, pike, pickerel, weakfish, triggerfish, sheepshead and blackfish to name a few are fish you do not want to put your fingers anywhere near their teeth. Okay, so what is the best way to deal...

Five "Must Have" Soft Plastics

 Are you a bass fanatic that has every lure on the market? I know I am, and I can tell you one thing, I do use a lot of what I have. And to make matters even better, I usually can catch fish on the lures I choose for a given circumstance. However, if there is one thing, no five things, we all must have with us at all times it is; Finesse, Ned, Whacky, Swimbait and Creature soft plastics. Soft plastic baits will always produce fish in my opinion, but it may be up to you to decide which...

Surface Poppers…Bam, Fish On!

Its 5 a.m. and false dawn is beginning to light the horizon. You methodically work your popper slowly across a rip a couple hundred feet from shore. As the lure dances into the strike zone you see a swirl, and then within seconds a huge eruption of water appears - thanks to the 30-pound striper that has just mauled your lure! And that my friends is why I love casting surface plugs, especially ones that pop, splash or make a commotion. As in any fishing situation, working poppers is not just a cast and retrieve event like when you use...

Is Fishing About Luck?

Like winning any race, competition, or contest where luck, or lack of it, is said to be a factor…luck most often has nothing to do with it. Luck occurs when preparation meets opportunity.

New To Fishing? Here’s What You Can Expect

Fishing is a great sport that gets you outside to spend time with nature. You will have the chance to witness fantastic sunrises and sunsets. For some it can be quiet time alone, or a time with family and friends.  Whether you are fishing to put something on the dinner table or to spend time outdoors; fishing is a fantastic pastime.  With the earth being covered 75 percent by water there are fishing opportunities everywhere from the arctic oceans to sweltering swamps. You can become an avid enthusiast who can’t wait to get out on the water to cast lures...