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KastKing Folding Fillet Knife

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Product Description

  • Razor Sharp G4116 German Stainless Blades – The razor sharp G4116 German Stainless-Steel blades have a beautiful gray, non-stick finish. This high-quality stainless blade will maintain its edge longer and make the job of filleting fish easier than ever before. It has the perfect combination of strength and flexibility for the perfect fillet every time.
  • Corrosion Resistant Finish – The new KastKing Folding Fillet/Camping/Hunting knife has a corrosion resistant, titanium bonded, non-stick finish that slides through fish easily while improving long term corrosion resistance.
  • Durable Non-Slip grips – The handle frame is molded using glass reinforced polypropylene to provide a rigid and strong frame for this durable knife. The handle is made of a comfortable and slip resistant TPE rubber that also provides comfort during use. These handles feel great in your hand and ensure that you'll always have a solid grip on your knife.
  • Includes Protective Knife Sheath – Each knife includes a lightweight sheath for storage and convenience while fishing, camping or hunting. Simply fold your fillet knife by depressing the release, close the blade and insert into the sheath for keeping it safe in a tackle box, boat and more.
  • Compact Size/Full Size Performance/Easy Storage – This folding fillet knife has an overall length of 13.5” but will fold and store in only 7.5”. The 6.5” G4116 Blade is perfect for most fishing, camping or hunting applications and feels and performs like a fixed blade knife but easily stores in your tackle box, backpack, etc., when folded.

Product Description

KastKing Folding Fillet Knife

KastKing fishing knives are the ultimate tool for every fisherman. The beautiful black G4116 German stainless-steel blades are razor sharp and maintain their edge for those hard jobs that use to take so much time.

They feature a light-weight and slip resistant golf-style rubber grip that is both comfortable and highly functional. These oversized grips stay solid in your hand and make fish processing and bait preparation quick and simple.

Every KastKing bait and fillet knife includes a lightweight and durable sheath that can safely store your knife or can be worn on your belt. The sheath will also protect your blade and keep it razor sharp when not in use. Simply fold your fillet knife by depressing the release, close the blade and insert into the sheath for wearing on your belt or keeping it safe in a tackle box, boat and more.

The durable G4116 German stainless-steel blades make these knives perfect for use in every fresh or saltwater fishing application.

Folding Fillet Knife


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