KastKing IceRiver Fishing Gloves

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  • Key Features – 100% waterproof ice fishing gloves– Bound stitched, and glued seams – Fleece lined for warmth – Anti-slip embossed palm – Material remains pliable in extremely cold weather conditions – Stylish Prym1 Camo
  • 100% WATERPROOF – KastKing IceRiver gloves are 100% waterproof. These fishing gloves are manufactured with 2.2mm neoprene rubber material for excellent water resistance. All seams are bound, stitched, and glued to ensure water does not enter the ice bay neoprene gloves.
  • FLEECE LINED – The IceRiver winter gloves are lined with a 1mm layer of polar fleece to provide extra warm in extremely cold and wet conditions.
  • FLEXIBLE ANTI-SLIP PALM – The 2.2mm neoprene palm is design with an embossed non-slip pattern that provides additional gripping strength in any weather conditions. The neoprene material maintains flexibility in extremely low temperature conditions, making them ideal for ice fishing.
  • Prym1 Camo – “BE THE PREDATOR” with American born Prym1 Camo. KastKing is proud to partner with Stacie Walker a wildlife artist and founder of Prym1 Camo. Stay protected from the harsh winter elements in style with waterproof KastKing IceRiver gloves.

Product Description

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KastKing IceRiver fishing gloves were designed for protection, function, and fashion with the help of our team of avid outdoorsman.

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Made with a fleece lining and soft neoprene, these KastKing cold winter weather gloves keep your hands warm and dry while you are out on the water in cold conditions. Our soft neoprene rubber material remains pliable in extremely cold weather conditions to ensure you have the full range of motion needed for fishing or any other outdoor winter activities.

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These fishing gloves are designed for cold and wet weather with features that allow you stay warm and dry without affecting your dexterity which makes these gloves ideal for ice fishing or other cold weather water sports.

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The IceRiver glove palms are embossed with an aggressive anti-slip pattern to help increase gripping strength in wet and dry conditions.

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Stay warm, dry, and protected from elements in style with the KastKing’s IceRiver gloves!

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