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Kalibrate Line Spooler and 5" Braid Scissors

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Color: Orange
Type: Line Spooler
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KastKing Kalibrate Line Spooler

KastKing Kalibrate Line Spooler and 5" Braid Scissors


KastKing Kalibrate Line Spooler and 5" Braid Scissors

Color: Orange
Type: Line Spooler

Integrated Line Counter

The built-in line counter tells you how much line you are adding to your casting reel or spinning reel. The Kalibrate makes it very easy to evenly split a spool of line between two reels, no more putting too much line on one reel and leaving yourself short on the second reel. The Kalibrate is also ideal for adding the correct amount of backing on a spinning reel or on a fly reel.


Patent Pending Line Spooling Tool

The innovative KastKing patent pending line spooler design is simple to use and can spool both spinning reels and baitcasting reels without line twist. The 3-position clamping system can be adjusted to fit nearly any size rod (0.15 to 1.0 inches in diameter) and tension bands can be adjusted to apply the ideal line tension during the spooling process.


No Line Twist And Easiy Spooling

The Kalibrate tool simplifies spooling by allowing fishing line to come off the filler spool and onto the reel spool without any twist. It works for both casting and spinning reels, and features instruction cues to ensure proper setup. Simply place the tension band on the line spool, mount it onto the tool, attach the line to the reel spool, and crank the handle to fill the reel with line. The maximum spool capacity is 3.5" wide by 4.5" diameter.


420 Stainless Steel Braid Scissors

These scissors are an essential tool in every fisherman’s tackle box. Made from 420 stainless steel blades with our durable polymer coating. The serrated blades are perfect for cutting any type of fishing line. Soft rubber handle allows it to be stored or carried around easily.


Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews

It’s ok

Douglas H.

Good concept. Not well made. Counter stopped working after spooling 2 reels. Going to return


It works, but is just okay. The line counter is nice, but on baitcasters it favors filling the left side of the spool, and on spinning reels it doesn't fill in the bottom of the spool very well compared to the top. It's great if you're in a pinch, or maybe your unit will function better than mine.

John H.

This line spooler counter combo worked great twice. Third time it wouldn't count line. Several attempts provided the same results. Very disappointing.

Zachary A

Makes putting line on my reels so much faster! Works better than expected.