MadBite 24 Pack Ned Rig Jig Hook Kits

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Color | Weights: Green Pumpkin (Wide Wrap) | 1/8 oz
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MadBite 24 Pack Ned Rig Jig Hook Kits

MadBite 24 Pack Ned Rig Jig Hook Kits


MadBite 24 Pack Ned Rig Jig Hook Kits

Color | Weights: Green Pumpkin (Wide Wrap) | 1/8 oz

Mushroom Style Ned Rig Jigs – MadBite Ned Rig Jig Heads are mushroom style jig heads that are made for use with Ned style baits in finesse fishing applications. These 90-degree, premium needle point jig hooks are made with mushroom style stand-up heads. Ned Rigs are proven to catch almost any species of fish including Bass, Trout, Walleye and many more. Ned Rigs are so effective that every fisherman should have a wide variety of Ned head jigs and baits in their tackle box.

Top Producing Colors – MadBite Ned Rig Jig 24 pc replenishment kits offer exceptional value and versatility. Select from either Black or Green Pumpkin jig heads which are consistently the top producing colors in finesse fishing. Each kit includes 24 Black or Green Pumpkin jig heads in either traditional Round Bend or EWG (Extra Wide Gap) style hooks. Pick your favorite color, hook style and weight and stock up for exceptional savings.

Top Producing Finesse Weight Jig Heads – Ned Rigs are designed to be finesse style jigs and are fished with light line, lighter action rods and smaller baits. To match these finesse techniques, the MadBite Ned Rig 24 pc replenishment kits are available in 1/16 oz, 1/8 oz or 3/16 oz sizes depending on the hooks style. Pick your "Go To" jig head weight and stock up for extra savings on the Ned Rig Jigs that you use most often.

3 Different Hook Options – Ned Rig Jigs are normally made using a simple round bend, 90-degree jig hook. Those are still the most popular, but we a EWG style Hook that has a wider gap, is quickly gaining popularity when fished around heavy cover for weedless applications. The MadBite Ned Rig 24 pc replenishment jig head kits are available in either the traditional round bend hook style or the new EWG hook style in two popular colors – Black or Green Pumpkin.

24 pc Angler Packs – MadBite Ned Rig 24 pc replenishment Jig Kits offer exceptional value because each kit includes 24 Ned Rig Jigs in your favorite, result producing color (Black or Green Pumpkin) and weight. Now you can stock up on your favorite Ned Rig Jigs at an affordable price and hit the water knowing you will not run out of the right jig for the job.

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Finesse techniques have been proven to catch more fish in clear or heavily pressured water conditions. Ned Rig Jigs are simply the most effective finesse bait being used today. The new MadBit Ned Rig, mushroom style jig kits offer exceptional value and versatility because each kit includes a total of 24 Ned Jigs. 2 different colors (Black, Green Pumpkin) and 3 different weights for various conditions - - 1/8, 1/16 and 3/16 oz.

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There are two different Ned Rig Jig Kits in two different hook styles for various conditions. First is the standard mushroom style Ned Jig with a round bend jig hook with a built-in bait keeper. The second assortment uses a EWG (Extra Wide Gap) hook style that offers a wider gap for even better hook sets and the EWG Style Ned Jigs can also be rigged weedless to make them more effective in heavy cover conditions. Anglers should have all styles of hooks for various conditions and fishing applications.

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High quality, MadBite Ned Rig Jig Kits are tournament proven and ready to perform right out of the box. Over the years, jigs have been a top choice for tournament anglers when they need to put fish in the boat!!!




Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
J M.

The shank between weight and hook isn't long enough to hold any plastic at all. Don't waste your money. Awful product.

John W.

Very good value for ned rig jig heads. I caught many many fish on it. I rigged small swimbaits, 2.5" stickbaits, 3" craws, and a 10,000 fish sukoshi bug and caught fish on all of them. The unique shape of the jighead displaces more water when retrieving and allows me to pause the lure when it passes in front of a fish. The hook could be stronger though.

Rob L.

Great day messing around these ned were perfect. I even fished them with a speed worm. They hold up I will be sticking to your brand.

Michael P.

Tried ordering Ned heads. Said my card was expired. How is 06/26 expired? 1/8 regular, 1/8 ewg and 3/16 ewg. 1 of each.

James M.

After waiting for about a month for it to arrive, I called to find out what the hold up was and apparently they never had it in stock but showed it was. Order was then canceled and refunded

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