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MadBite Species Tackle Kits

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Complete Fishing Lure Tackle Kits – Each MadBite Species Specific Fishing Tackle Kit gives you everything you need to go fishing. Every fishing lure, fish hook, terminal tackle item and bait is selected to be perfect for the species you are fishing for. There's a: Bass Fishing Tackle Kit, Trout Fishing Tackle Kit and Panfish kit for Crappie, Bluegill, Perch species and more. All of the fishing lures and bait are neatly packed in a plastic tackle box for storage and transportation

Bass Fishing Kit – The MadBite Bass Fishing lure kit includes 187 pcs of bass fishing gear you need to catch bass except a fishing rod and reel. You will find a wide assortment of fishing hooks for bass in different styles and sizes, Bass Jigs, all styles of weights and sinkers, terminal tackle items like swivels snaps. There is also a wide assortment of soft plastics like worms, creature baits, tube jigs and more. Also included are a medium diving crankbait and a lipless crankbait

Trout Fishing Kit – The MadBite Trout Fishing lure kit includes 160 pcs of the most effective lures and bait for trout fishing. Included in this fishing accessory kit for trout are a large assortment of fishing hooks including bait hooks, treble hooks, jig hooks and even pre-tied snelled hooks. There is a large number of sinkers and weights plus floats and snap swivels. The most effective spinners and spoons are included along with plastic tube jigs plus a line nipper and stringer

Panfish Fishing Lure Kit – The MadBite Panfish Fishing lure kit has 177 pcs of fishing tackle so you can catch panfish! Included are a large variety of fishing hooks for live bait plus both painted and unpainted ball head jigs. To go with the fishing jig hooks there are small tube jigs, curly tail grubs and swim baits. To get the bait down to the fish, there is a wide assortment of weights and sinkers. There are pre-rigged underspin jigs snaps, floats, a line cutter and even a fish stringer

Instructions – MadBite developed these fishing accessories kits to take the guesswork out of fishing lure selection for each species. But, every angler needs to know how to use the lures and bait included in each kit. So, we've developed a series of videos for each specie kit so you can watch and learn how to use every item included in the fishing tackle kit. The videos describe the use of each item, how to rig the bait and more so you catch more fish even the first time on the water



Product Description

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MadBite Species Tackle Kits, Bass Fishing Lures, Hooks, Soft Plastic Fishing Baits, Terminal Tackle, Weights, Sinkers, Jigs, Floats and Bobbers

MadBite Specie Specific Fishing Tackle Kits are the perfect way to get started in Bass fishing, Trout fishing or fishing for Panfish. MadBite took the guesswork out of fishing lure and bait selection by creating three specie specific fishing accessory tackle kit for the most popular fish in America. All you will need is a fishing rod and reel and you're ready to go fishing.

Each kit includes the correct style of fishing hooks, sinkers, weights, swivels and snaps, jigs, spinners and lures and even soft plastic baits for each species. These high piece count freshwater fishing gear kits will last all season and provide excellent fishing opportunities for each of these species.

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