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MadBite WideEye 15/28 Pack Jig Head Kits

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jig head kits

WideEye/Aspirin Shaped Jig Heads – MadBite WideEye Jig heads are perfect for live bait or soft plastic presentations. Their large, natural eyes attract fish and look realistic in the water. They sink quickly to put your bait exactly where fish are feeding and provide an erratic jigging action. MadBite WideEye, aspirin shaped jig heads are proven to catch almost any species of fish including Bass, Trout, Walleye and much more.

Top Producing Colors – The new MadBite WideEye 28 pc, aspirin shaped jig kits offer exceptional value and a wide variety of colors for every fishing application and water conditions. Each WideEye jig kit includes 28 individual jigs in 7 different colors (4 of each color). Black, White, Glow, Fire Tiger, Purple Flash, Chartreuse, and Natural Minnow. Each color has been specifically included to account for different water conditions or to imitate various bait fish in different areas.

Top Producing Jig Heads Weights – MadBite WideEye, aspirin shaped jig heads, are designed to sink fast, and create erratic, strike producing action with live bait or soft plastic presentations. Jig head weight is critical to your success, so we have made these available in the three most popular weights – 1/8 oz, ¼ oz and 3/8 oz jig heads. Depending on water depth, speed of presentation and what size of live or soft plastic bait you are using, there is the perfect weight jig head available.

Round Bend Needle Point Hooks – All MadBite WideEye Jigs feature incredibly sharp, needle point hooks with a beautiful black-nickel finish. The needle point sharpness requires less pressure to penetrate hooks for solid hook sets and the perfect size of barb means that fish stay hooked after the hook set. Each WideEye jig also has a built-in bait keeper to keep soft plastic swimbaits and other plastic in the correct position, so you can spend more time fishing, and less time changing baits.

28 pc Angler Packs – MadBite WideEye Jigs come in 28 pc Angler Kits that offer exceptional value, so you never run out of your favorite jigs while you save big money over buying smaller packages of jigs. If you fish often or just love saving money, these kits are made for you. Each kit includes 28 individual jigs, all in the weight you use most, but you get the 7 most popular, fish catching colors (4 of each color are included in each kit). Select from 1/8 oz, ¼ oz or 3/8 oz jig kits.


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