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Choose a Baitcasting Rod for Bass Fishing

by Steven Bowman 10 Oct 2022

Selecting the perfect fishing rod can often be a tough decision for many anglers, no matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran. There are many different options out on the market today, with different sizes, features, and styles to choose from. This is why finding the perfect baitcasting rod can be so difficult. Let’s go over how to more easily choose the best baitcasting rod for all of your bass fishing needs!

Best Baitcasting Rod for Bass Fishing

What Are Baitcasting Rods

It is first important to understand what a baitcasting rod is. After all, don’t all fishing rods technically cast out your bait? Baitcasting rods work in conjunction with baitcasting reels. These reels have a unique design that puts them on the top side of a fishing rod with the guides also along the top side of the blank. This design does this to apply pressure down onto the guides. When fighting a fish, this places more pressure on the guides and blank rather than pulling on them like other types of reels.

This is what makes baitcasting rods and reels a great option for bigger fish such as bass. Not only do they handle pressure and tension better than other types, but they can also be made to be extremely small and have a smooth action. But one very important aspect of using a baitcasting reel is pairing it with a baitcasting rod. They will not do well when paired with other types of rods made for different types of reels, and just one reason why choosing a good baitcasting rod is so important.

How to Choose a Baitcasting Rod

Now that we have a better understanding of baitcasting reels and rods, how do you actually go about choosing? Baitcasting rods should have certain characteristics that will make one better than another, so it pays to take a little bit of time to think about what you need out of your baitcasting rod. This will help you to narrow down your search and find one with the right characteristics, which include the following:

Construction and Materials

Baitcasting rods need to be tough and are constructed out of hard materials. There are two main types that you will see, both graphite rods and fiberglass rods. Fiberglass rods are very durable and have long been the most popular option for many decades. That being said, graphite rods are becoming more and more popular and are now considered to be the industry standard. Graphite is a lot stiffer and more responsive than fiberglass, so the baitcasting rods constructed out of it tend to work better. These rods are usually stronger, have faster action, and have better sensitivity.

You should also pay close attention to the guide material as well. These line guides can be made of various materials like zirconium, titanium, zirconium, and ceramic. These materials can be at various price points and some will resist rust and corrosion better than others, so take your time to look at both the rod material and the guide material.

Length and Power

Rod length is extremely important and will determine how far you can cast and how heavy of lures you can throw. Longer bass fishing rods like those over six feet will be better at longer distances. Shorter rods cannot cast as far, but instead are much more accurate when casting to exact locations. Thinking about the type of environment that you are mostly fishing in will help you to determine which length will be the best option for you.

Along with length, power is another important characteristic to consider. Power ratings on rods are used to determine the right reel to run with them as well as the fishing line. There are many different power ratings to choose from, ranging from ultralight to medium-light rods all the way up to heavy and ultraheavy rods. With bass fishing, most anglers will opt for a medium-light or medium power to better withstand bigger fish while still having plenty of sensitivity.

Price Point

Once you figure out the material, build, length, and power of the baitcasting rod that you need and want, you can start to look around and find one in your price range. Baitcasting rods come in a large variety of prices for all types of budgets. It is often recommended to spend as much money as you comfortably can, as this will ensure you get a higher quality rod that will not only perform better but last you much longer.

The price of a baitcasting rod will fluctuate depending on the material it is made out of, how well it is constructed, the guide material, action, length, and power. Do your research to know which brands produce quality products and which ones to avoid, and you will start to get a clearer picture of the best baitcasting rods that fit into your budget while also having all of the features and characteristics that you are looking for!

Final Thoughts

Baitcasting rods are an excellent choice for bass fishing and can be one of the most versatile tools in your arsenal. Not only are they extremely durable and tough, but they can be very accurate and cast your bait or lure longer distances than other types of rods and reels. If you don’t already own one, now is the time to get your hands on a new baitcasting rod!

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