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How to Fish Bass During the Winter Season?

by Shahraz 13 Oct 2022

Bass is one of the most popular fish among fishermen in the United States. Ask any fisherman what kind of fish he would prefer to catch on a winter day, and he would say BASS.

They are the most challenging fish to catch, putting up quite a fight. But the satisfaction one gets after reeling in a big bass is unmatched. It is no wonder that bass fishing is considered a sport.

If you are an amateur bass fisherman or have never tried your hand at it, then winter is the best time for you. If you're new to fishing bass, here are some pro tips to help you catch.

Bass fishing in winter season

Use Live Baits & Downsize Them

Cold weather is when the fish in the lake or pond where you're fishing is kind of lazy. Time as such requires a lively bait rather than a big meal to get their attention.

The smaller but alive bait will also help you in two ways: the fish won't be able to resist it, and the smaller fish are an easier catch. So it's a win-win situation for you. Another thing you need to remember is that in winter, the water is cold, and the fish are sluggish.

Baits such as worms, minnows, and small baitfish such as shiners are a great source of attracting the bass and getting them hooked in your line, especially in the winters.

Fish Near the Deeper Ends of the Lakes

If you're fishing in the lake, bass normally travels towards the center or the deepest part of the lake during the winter because that's where the water is the warmest.

They can also find bottom dwellers swimming in their lethargic states, which are an excellent food source. Bass is more popularly known for grouping together and feeding during the winter, so you will have a clear chance of catching them up early near the deep pockets.

They do so for warmth and because their activity level is low, and they don't need to hunt for food.

So your best chance of reeling in a big one would be if you concentrate your efforts near these deep pockets. The warmer water also helps the fish to be more active and, thus, more likely to bite on your bait.

Use the Correct Lure for Reeling in the Bass

If you're not using bait and you're more into catching bass using a lure, then you need to be extra careful about the lure you're using. In winter, the fish are not as active since the water is cold.

So it would be best if you used a heavy enough lure to quickly sink down to the bottom where the fish are hiding and get attracted to it.

Some of the lures that are going to work are:

Football Head Jigs: These are special kinds of lures that more or less look like crawfish. You can easily find one of these lures that may appear in the same color as the crawfish and take your chances of slowly dragging the lure around the bottom of the lake. Who knows, you might end up catching large-sized bass.

Metal baits: Good metal baits can easily hold their place on the bottom and generate a lot of vibration, which can attract bass from a distance. These lures are generally used in areas where the fish are not that active, and you need to give them time to react.

Rubber Worms: The rubber worm is another good lure that can attract bass. They are pretty easy to use, and all you need to do is cast them out and let them sink to the bottom.

If It's a Bass You're Fishing, Then Have Patience

Fishing for a Bass is definitely not an easy job, especially if it's the winter season. Even though it's difficult to catch one, it's not entirely impossible.

You will need to be very patient while you're at it. Bass are not as active in winter as in other seasons, so you need to give them time to react. The best time to fish for bass is during the early mornings or late evenings when the water is colder.

And even though they are not as active, they will still strike if they see something that interests them. Always rely on the "jerk, jerk, pause" technique while fishing for bass. This means you need to jerk the rod a couple of times and then pause for a few seconds before jerking it again.

Just after a couple of wriggles, you can let your bait rest for ten seconds.

And before you know it, your bass will be hooked.

So those are a few tips that you can use to fish for bass during the winter season. Just remember to be patient, use the right lure, and fish near the deep pockets of the lake, and you will definitely have a great time fishing.


What Color Baits Do Bass Fish Like in the Water?

During the winter season, a bass may feel attracted to blue/black color lures as they look like crawfish. You can try using this color to see if you have any luck reeling them in.

What's the Best Way to Store Live Bait?

If you're planning on using live bait, then it's best to keep them in a small aerated live well. This will help to keep the bait fresh and alive for a longer period of time.

Does Live Bait or Lure Work Better for Bass Fishing?

This is a difficult question to answer as it really depends on the situation. If the water is murky, then live bait might work better as the fish can smell it. But if the water is clear, then using a lure is a better option as the fish can see it.

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