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KastKing Kong Fishing Rods

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Powerful S-Curve Graphite Rod Blanks - KastKing KONG series rods are designed for anglers targeting massive fish in fresh and saltwater! These lightweight, powerful, 100% graphite blanks are made of high-strength S-Curve graphite reinforced with Nano-Resin technology that delivers amazing strength and lifting power but are still incredibly light and sensitive.

Stainless-Steel Double Foot Guides – Because KastKing KONG rods are made to handle giant fish, every component must be up to the challenge. We use only stainless-steel, double foot guides because of their strength and each guide has an ultra-smooth Titanium Oxide ring which is designed to perform flawlessly with heavy braided line. The combination of strong frames and durable rings are perfect for extreme conditions.

High-Strength Components – When targeting big fish, every component must be up to the challenge. We use extra strong graphite reel seats with nylon reinforcement to ensure that large reels stay secure. Custom handles feature an EVA core for comfort and a rubber cross wrap for durability. Foregrips have a spiral cross wrap with finger slots that provide control over big fish. Some models also include graphite gimbals in the fighting butt.  

Chartreuse "Strike Tip" - The bright chartreuse "Strike Tip" enhances early strike detection even in low light conditions and quickly alerts you to even the lightest bites, so you never miss a fish. The "Strike Tips" are also great for night fishing but equally well in bright sunlight.

Casting and Spinning Models – KastKing KONG Rods are available in both Casting and Spinning models in both 1 and 2 pc. Line ratings range from 15-40 lbs. for the 7'6" spinning model all the way to 50-100 lbs. for the 6'6" 1 pc casting rod. Lure ratings range from 2-8 oz to 8-32 oz. If you are targeting big fish in fresh or saltwater, there is a KastKing KONG rod that will get the job done for you.

Product Description

KastKing kong

New from Kastking is the KONG series of big fish, spinning and casting fishing rods. Each rod is designed to deliver maximum power and lifting ability using our incredible S-Curve graphite rod blanks. These rods are design from the fighting butt to the tip top guide to provide you with the best possible rod for massive fish in both fresh and saltwater.

The S-Curve graphite blanks are offer incredible sensitivity and strength and the use of Nano Resins in the manufacturing process increase compression strength and lifting power while reducing overall weight of the rod blank. The result is a graphite rod that is light and sensitive but with the durability of glass or composite rods.

Every component used in the design and construction of the KONG series is selected for its strength and durability so they will hold up in the toughest conditions and the biggest fish. Large, graphite reel seats reinforced with nylon keep big reels secure under heavy load. Guides have double-foot, stainless-steel frames for strength and because these rods are made to be used with heavy braided lines, we use Titanium Oxide guide rings which perform perfectly with either mono or braided lines

The handles on all KONG rods are designed to give the angler exceptional control over big fish. Rear handles have a thin EVA base with a firm rubber cross wrap to provide slip resistant control while still performing exceptionally well in rod holders. Foregrips feature a soft EVA base that has a spiral wrapped finger slots that provide the angler an exceptional grip. All rods have a large fighting butt and some of the models include a graphite gimbal, so they can be used in a fighting belt.

All rods feature a bright, chartreuse strike tip for easy bite recognition in low light conditions and quickly alerts you to even the lightest bites, so you never miss a fish. Perfect for night fishing but also perform beautifully in full sun conditions.

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