Krome Salmon/Steelhead Fishing Rods

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KastKing Krome Salmon/Steelhead Fishing Rods

KastKing Krome Salmon/Steelhead Fishing Rods


KastKing Krome Salmon/Steelhead Fishing Rods



TORAY IM8 BLANK, NANO RESIN & KEVLAR - KastKing Krome fishing rods use Toray IM8 high carbon, 45 million modulus blanks and Nano Silica resins for incredible strength, performance and sensitivity. KastKing reinforces the butt section and through the reel seat with Kevlar fabric providing improved hook setting power, additional durability and strength. It results in a true performance salmon fishing rod or steelhead trout fishing rod that feels light in your hand but easily handles big fish.

FUJI GUIDES AND REEL SEATS – KastKing compliments these premium blanks with the finest Fuji K-Frame tangle free guides with Alconite rings for both spinning fishing rod and casting fishing rod models. These guides are tough and will handle any mono, fluorocarbon or braided lines with ease. KastKing also uses Fuji ACS & TVS reel seats to make sure you are always in control and your reels stays solid in its base. Trust Fuji and you'll never have to worry about a component failure.

DURABLE CARBON FIBER HANDLES - Carbon fiber handles have been selected because KastKing knows these rods will be used to land some of the hardest fighting fish that swim. These handles are extremely durable, they clean up beautifully after handling cured eggs and herring and they are easily removed from rod holders under the pressure of large fish.

TECHNIQUE SPECIFIC DESIGNS - Each technique specific action is designed by experts with years of experience and with the input of professional guides and anglers who know and require only the very best in their tools. Rod weight, length, action, power and even handle length are purposefully built to ensure you are maximizing the effectiveness of every fishing rod. There are currently 15 fishing pole models including 4 spinning rod and 11 casting rod models in both 1 and 2-pc designs.

HIGH-VIS ORANGE STRIKE TIP - A bright orange "Strike Tip" is standard on Hot Shot models and 10'6" & 12' Pro Troller models. The "Strike Tip" enhances early strike detection even in low light conditions. This critical feature is a tremendous benefit on these trolling rod models and will help you put more fish in your boat. If you need a salmon rod or a steelhead rod, look no further than KastKing Krome. KastKing Krome rods are the winner of the Fish Alaska Magazine Editors' Choice Award.

Product Description

KastKing KromeKastKing Krome 2KastKing krome 3

From Alaska to the Great Lakes, salmon & steelhead anglers take their sport very seriously and won't settle for inferior equipment. It is for those anglers we've developed the new KastKing Krome series.

Starting with an incredible blank made with 45 million modulus Toray carbon materials and finished using Nano Silica resins, these rods are some of the lightest made and are definitely the strongest and most sensitive rods available. The rods are then reinforced with true Kevlar fabric from the butt section through the reel seat to deliver incredible hook setting and lifting power while providing extra resistance to impact to the rod blank at the boat from hard fighting fish.

Premium components are what separates a good rod from a truly special fishing tool and we've hand selected Fuji reel seats and guides for this entire series. Fuji ACS and TVS reel seats and Fuji K-Frame tangle free guides with Alconite rings will delivery years of fishing freedom. Our custom carbon handles are extremely durable, slip resistant and remove easily from rod holders under the pressure of powerful fish. They also clean up beautifully after a busy day baiting hooks with cured eggs, herring or other messy baits.

We're excited to introduce our new "Strike Tips" to all trolling models in the lineup like the Hot Shot rods and both the 10'6" and 12' Pro Troller. These bright orange strike tips will get your attention immediately when a fish takes your lure or bait and they'll increase your response time to that critical strike especially in low light conditions.

There is a Krome series rod made especially for the way you fish with 15 technique specific lengths and actions including hot shot rods, back bouncing, side drifting, float fishing, trolling and more. If you fish where salmon & steelhead live, there's a KastKing Krome series rod made for you.



Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews

A fantastic rod this makes my 3rd one

Lorca Rossman
Superb rods

I've been using these for a few years and continue to be impressed by them. The 10'6" troller is my primary salmon rods, but some of the spinning offering are great as well; very nicely balanced. They're easily on par with Lamiglas XCC rods at half the price.



It's a great rod for steelhead, lots of backbone.

I got a 6-10 lbs rod. Light enough for all day bobber fishing for steelhead and it has enough backbone to fight a 10 pounds steelhead. I would buy again.

Nicholas Malnati
The best

Rumor is they have discontinued these. I hope not. I have over 10 and I use them all

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