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MadBite Freshwater Terminal Tackle Kits

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Product Description

  • Freshwater Fishing Tackle Kits - The new MadBite Freshwater Terminal Tackle Fishing Kits are loaded with all of the most important fishing hooks, pre-tied snelled fishhooks, fishing jigs, weights & sinkers, fishing jig hooks, swivels and snaps, Fishing floats/bobbers and more. These multi-species fishing tackle kits are perfect fishing gear accessories for freshwater fishing for trout fishing, bass fishing, panfish, walleye fishing, catfish fishing and much more
  • Fishing Hooks - No angler can go fishing without lots of fishhooks. So, both MadBite Freshwater Terminal Tackle Kits include a wide variety of fishing hooks including fishing hooks for bass, baitholder fish hooks in two sizes, round bend worm hooks, extra wide gap worm hooks, drop shot hooks, treble hooks, Aberdeen live bait hooks, pre-tied snelled baitholder fishhooks, and painted fishing jig hooks
  • Weights and Sinkers - To help get your bait down to where the fish are actively feeding, MadBite fishing accessories kits include a large assortment of styles and weights of the following kinds of weights and sinkers. Removeable split shot in multiple sizes, bullet shaped worm weights, quick attach drop shot weights, sliding egg sinkers, bass casting sinkers
  • Assorted Terminal Tackle - To make attaching fishing lures and baits easier, there is a large assortment of brass snap swivels, duo-lock snaps, barrel swivels, 3-way swivels, sinker slides, bobber/weight stops. The larger kit also includes multi-colored bobbers for suspending baits off the bottom
  • Compartmental Storage Box Included - All MadBite Fishing Tackle Kits also include a plastic storage box to keep your freshwater fishing gear organized and to make transportation to the lake or river easy. The see-through lids allow your see your tackle before you even open the locking lid. These durable plastic boxes fit in backpacks, tackle bags, boats and more making them a great bass fishing kit or trout fishing kit

Product Description

MadBite Freshwater

MadBite 181pcs Freshwater Terminal Tackle Kits, Fishing Hooks, Fishing Accessory Kit, Fishing Tackle, Weights & Sinkers, Jig Hooks, Floats and Bobbers

MadBite Freshwater Terminal Tackle Fishing Kits are a perfect fishing tackle kit for all freshwater species such as Trout fishing, Bass fishing, Panfish, Walleye fishing, Catfishing and more. These multi-species fishing accessory kits include all of the fishing tackle you need to have a successful day on the water.

There are perfect for every new or experienced angler and because they are packed in durable, plastic tackle boxes with a see-through lid, they are easy to take to the lake or river making them a great bass fishing kit, trout fishing kit or fishing accessory kit for crappie fishing, walleye or panfish.

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