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MadBite Swim Jig Fishing Lures

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Swim Jig Head with Realistic Eyes – The new MadBite Swim Jigs are perfect for multiple bait presentations such as flipping, pitching dragging and swimming. The fish-shaped head glides through heavy cover and grass. Realistic eyes increase strikes.

Heavy Weed Guards – Every MadBite Swim Jig features a heavy weed guard that is molded into the head. This weed guard is made using 15 strands of thick nylon wire at an approximate 45 degree angle the hook shank and extending well above the hook point to deflect the jig away from snags and grass so it can effectively be fished in heavy cover and thick grass conditions.

Multi-Color Silicone Skirts – The soft and supple silicon skirts are 62 mm long and have 100 individual legs. They are available in a wide variety of colors to imitate natural forage and add incredible action and movement to your lure presentations. Color options include Blue with Black, Green Pumpkin/Chartreuse, Green Pumpkin/Orange, Chartreuse and White/Silver. Jig heads are hard painted to avoid paint chipping, and all match the silicone shirt colors.

Sticky-Sharp Needle Point Hooks – Every MadBite Swim Jig uses only the finest, sharpest and most durable, 4/0 needle point hooks finished in black nickel plating. The sticky-sharp, heavy wire hooks stand up to hard use in heavy cover conditions and will stay strong even with the most violent hook sets. A built-in soft plastic keeper holds trailer baits in place through many casts and in heavy cover.

Money Saving 5 pc and 3pc Multi-Colored Kits – To save you even more money, MadBite Swim Jigs are packed in either 3 pc kits or for an even better value, 5 pc kits that include the best performing swim jig colors for use year-round. MadBite Swim Jigs are available in two most often used weights – 3/8 oz. and ½ oz. All MadBite Swim Jigs are packed in durable plastic storage boxes to keep your jigs organized and ready to fish.

Swim Jig Fishing Lures

MadBite Swim Jig Fishing Lures, Heavy Weed Guard, Silicone Skirt, Sticky-Sharp Heavy-Wire Needle Point Hooks, 3/8&1/2 oz, 5 pc&3 pc Multi-Color Kits

High quality, MadBite Swim Jigs are tournament proven and ready to perform right out of the box. Over the years, jigs have been a top choice for tournament anglers when they need to put fish in the boat.

MadBite Swim Jigs work in clear and stained water conditions and are great for fishing both open water and around heavy cover. The jigs can be used to flip or pitch into heavy cover or be dragged across the bottom. You can add soft plastic trailer baits in many different colors and shapes to add even more action to these jigs.

Every MadBite Swim Jig features a heavy weed guard that helps to keep your jigs snag free in heavy cover conditions. MadBite Swim Jigs can be fished through heavy cover and heavy grass effectively which is a key element in catching more fish.

MadBite Swim Jig Lures


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