Best Bass Fishing Rod

Mendel Yano |

Best Bass Fishing Rod

Mendel Yano |

There is just no other fish like a strong bass. That blow up, the pull and the fun of landing a beast with a rod that works with you is a feeling like no other. Maybe that’s the reason why bass fishing is the nucleus around the country of all things fishing. Sure there are numerous ways to fish in the states and around the world but in the US, freshwater fishing reigns supreme by a measure of 78% of anglers are freshwater fishing and the vast majority bass fish. I have had some experience with some of the rods that KastKing has introduced over the years and would like to share some of my thoughts on the best bass rods they have.

Starting with the most general and diverse rod I think they make is the Perigee II. With a price tag under $50, this 24 ton toray graphite rod is simply packed with high quality components like Fuji eyes and high strength reel seats, the rod bends all the way through the length with a very smooth, parabolic action. This action helps the angler still remain connected to the fish but also exerts pressure onto the fish to bring it to the surface. Keeping your line tight is always an objective for fishing and this strong backbone bend does the job while keeping a solid feel on where the fish is going. I happen to have the two piece rod and was amazed when the actual joint of the rod did not pose any difference in bend or twisting of one side from the front to the back of the joint. I do have a secret though, I have used the rod for freshwater bass sure, but my passion and love lies in the ocean. I am happy to report that even though this rod is one of my favorite rods to use in the harbors and bays along the coast of Southern California for catching Calico, sand and spotted bay bass as well. An all around rod that just can’t be beat in functionality and dependability.

Best bass fishing rods

How many people here golf? I know, I know this is about fishing but I am sure that you can imagine how a golf club feels in your hand. Needs to be slightly tacky to provide a solid grip while also not so sticky that you can’t feel the rod in your hand. Okay so are we wondering why I am talking about golf in a fishing forum yet? If you have not guessed yet, I wanted to talk about a feature on a rod that not everyone even considers. The handle of a rod, if made with something like a golf grip, would really bring about a lot of comfort and control to your fishing. Well, Kastking has you covered with some new technology with the Resolute rod. Using golf grips it really has a cushion feel but maintains a level of sensitivity that is not dampened by the handle itself! Amazing innovation and a great feature of this rod.

Resolute Handle

Best bass spinning fishing rod

Thing is, the handle is not even what this rod is known for or even excels at. This rod is one of my latest favorites that I was highly doubtful of. I could not believe what the experts were saying and the claims noted on the rod just because of funny looking eyes. I was absolutely mistaken. The Resolute rod is actually made with American Tackle guides that kinda look like funnels on the first eye. The idea is that the shape of it reduces the amount of friction that the sides of the eyes experience as the line travels through them and spins around as you cast. The first eye centralizes the chaotic whirl and creates a stream that has far less noise allowing you to cast farther. How much farther? Is it even noticeable? Absolutely. This is where I was hesitant but I can feel that the cast comes off smoother and just goes farther. The fact that the blank is built on IM7 carbon just makes sense and the truly surprising part is that the rod comes in at just about $60! Unbelievable.

Resolute Eye

Best bass casting fishing rod

Now for those of you that enjoy the best of the best, the truly honed tool in your arsenal that feels like it’s just custom made for your fishing, very little can beat the power of the Speed Demon Pro lineup. Made from nano resins, this specific KastKing blank leverages its technology and as a result has a weight at 30% of the weight of other rods. Now combine this with the components and you can see immediately why it’s a true beast in the category. The Speed Demon Pro comes with not only Winn grips like the golf style I spoke about prior but full fuji guides and reel seat. Like all top tier goods, the higher the level the more specific that a tool is made for. There are 15 different models to choose from, all tournament ready and made for the style of bass fishing you are doing. From flipping, to frogging or maybe crank baits any style of bass fishing is covered with these pro rods. I find that the tips on these shut off pretty quick to give you the sensitivity to feel pressure bites and have the backbone to full swing on a take down, these rods have you covered. Again, I use these in the salt to get a full swing on spotties as they take down a tube bait and find them to be so much fun. Just like what you see the pros and anglers all over do when they get that huge fish, just full swing and I still have the confidence in the backbone of the rod that it’s not going to break and can still give me that lifting power to pull the grumps up.

Best bass fishing rod


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