Best Five Fishing Reels From Kastking 

Jimmy |

Best Five Fishing Reels From Kastking 

Jimmy |

#5 is the Kastking Valiant Eagle baitcast reel 

KastKing Valiant Eagle Baitcasting Reel

This reel covers all the bases the ability convenience efficiency and affordability. it's have many  great features that's found on a more expensive baitcaster I'm talking graphite frame, brass main gear, magnesium brass pinion, swing Wing side cover, seven button magnetic braking system 7 + 1 double shielded stainless steel bearings this real cast very smooth and retrieves excellently. Gear ratio is 17.6 lb. And it don't come just in one particular model you have two models 6.6:1 then 8.1:1. The 6.6:1 inch return is at 26.1 and a 8.1:1 retrieves at 32.1 that's excellent. It also has a aluminum spool and aluminum handle its also great for saltwater fishing that's the Plus for me. Big Bass, Salmon, walleye, catfish, Pike, muskie, stripers, redfish, speckled trout, black drum, etc. The black and gold trim color this baby looks good. Setting it up is easy and palm fit design. This reel comes under 50 bucks for the great components that they put in this reel you can't beat the price. This reel needs to be a part of your arsenal. 

#4 the Speed Demon Elite spinning reel 

KastKing Speed Demon Elite Spinning Fishing Reel

This real is the fastest spinning reel 7.4:1 gear ratio  it's lightweight fishing with it all day won't tie you out  in fresh and salt water. it's has 10 + 1 Maxidur double shielded stainless steel bearings. For the price to be under $100 it has Aluminum stainless steel handle along with the body plus braid ready aluminum spool. It's great for saltwater inshore fishing, it is corrosion resistance, its great when your battering big fish either as a freshwater or saltwater reel. Big Bass, Salmon, walleye, catfish, Pike, muskie, stripers, redfish, speckled trout, black drum, etc. There's nothing faster, stronger or smoother than this reel.  the turn per inch is 38.6 and that's on the 2000 model and when it go up to the bigger model like the 3000 it's 42.1 inch per turn. this reel is fast it just  will blow your mind. CNC machine main gear, alloy body, zero flex carbon fiber water resistance!!! I'm getting excited just about talking about it. It comes with 17.6 Max drag. this reel can handle some fish. and you know sometimes you need that speed  especially when you flipping your lure back to the same spot to get that fish to take it. You can't the affordable price. This reel needs to be a part of your arsenal.

#3 Royale Legend II baitcast reel

KastKing Royale Legend II Baitcasting Reel

This reel is under $40. This reel is a third generation in the Royale Legend family and at 17.6 lb of drag a eight magnet crossfire braking system comes in 2 gear ratio 5.4:1 and 7.2:1. Come pack design saltwater friendly again a excellent real graphite body. Even though the size has been reduced it's more compact pumpable shape it makes a long day fishing on the water comfortable. Strength durability the cranking smoothness performance is just amazing. Big Bass, Salmon, walleye, catfish, Pike, muskie, stripers, redfish, speckled trout, black drum, etc. It retrieves your line quickly at 26.8 per inch handle turn. Also have machine aluminum spool this reduces the weight and increase your casting distance extraordinary smooth performance. The Royale Legend family of reels is one of the most favorable reels around. Affordable price and innovation started with them. This reel needs to be a part of your arsenal. 

#2 Kastking Megatron Spinning Reel

KastKing Megatron Spinning Reel

let's start with the max drag from 33lb to 39.5lb metal frame 7 + 1 ball bearings gear ratio from 5.0:1 to 4.5:1. Aluminum alloy the strength and the impressive shape of this reel and the inner components is just fantastic.  Its one excellent reel for saltwater fishing not to mention it has  the double shield ball bearings in it Eight of them is high quality. it's coming in 5 sizes  2000 to 6000 reel size. CNC aluminum spool and handle,  T shape handle. You want a spinning reel for your big game fish this is it. Bass, Alligator gar, catfish, snook, stripers, redfish, black drum, pike, muskie, Walleye. And just look at the design it's ready for battle the transformation of this reel. It's also great for freshwater fishing.  We are talking about a metal frame reel. The performance of this reel is what Kastking set out to set in the industry. A reel like this deserves to be in your arsenal. The strength and durability speaks for itself.  Affordable innovation. The price is between $54 to $62.

#1 Kastking Kapstan 300 baitcast the price on this is under $130  

KastKing Kapstan Elite Size 300 Baitcasting Fishing Reel

I'm starting off saying this is a Beast of a reel. Low profile large line capacity with a whopping 35 lb drag, 8 + 1 stainless steel ball bearings, Centrifugal braking system. This is the perfect go to reel for all your fishing needs we talking big Bass, Salmon, walleye, catfish, Pike, muskie, stripers, redfish, black drum, snook halibut the list goes on and on Big Game reel. This is my number one pick of the five. It's excellent for all my fishing that I do. The braking system on here is excellent the aluminum tension control knob click adjustment it's  just great you have a audible line out clicker and you can zero dial in this reel so good. The spoon is braid ready you don't have to add mono backing. The best 300 size reel that I have ever had I absolutely love this real I have 3 of them. And the cost is perfect it won't even break your pocket. Talk about affordable innovation this is it. Ergo-twist opening, line memory dial so no more guessing on what pound of line you have on it. And as always a CNC aluminum spool. If you do jigging up and down from a charter boat catching grouper this is the reel for you. This reel needs to be a part of your arsenal


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