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Choosing the Right Type of Braided Fishing Line for Bass Fishing

by Teddie Casterton 22 Sep 2022

Bass fishing has risen in popularity over the last decade, most likely due to their hard-fighting nature and wide distribution that allows them to be caught pretty much anywhere. 

Whilst they can be found in fresh and saltwater environments, their reputation for being one of the most caught fish has attracted many new anglers onto the scene.  Not only are they competitive and don't give up without a fight allowing you to test your skills, but they aren't too out of reach for those new to the sport.

If you have the correct equipment to back you up and keep you comfortable, then you'll be able to pull in all the bass you desire. It is relatively easy to pick out a great fishing rod and reel, simply visit our blog for loads of information regarding the best fishing rods and reels for bass fishing.

But what often goes unmentioned is the type of line to use for bass fishing. Now, whilst there is no hard and fast rule regarding the type of line you must have, everyone including the professionals tends to use braided fishing lines.

So, let's get into this guide to help you choose the best-braided fishing line on the market. 

Braided Line for Bass Fishing

Braided fishing lines have hard and fast become the most popular type of line to use for bass fishing. Its interwoven material increases tightness and strength, all whilst giving a very smooth feel. Through its construction, braided lines are incredibly strong with thin diameters giving it powerful properties as well as ensuring it has very little to no stretch.

But what is stretch and why should I care?

If your line has little stretch, it means that your action will be much smoother. As an added benefit, your line won't jerk about as much which is especially useful when luring in fish. The last thing you want to be having is a line with too much stretch that makes it difficult to be accurate and hard to control.

With its interwoven material, tightness and thin diameter, a braided fishing line can tackle some of the hardest fighting fish. Its high durability and strength make it a great asset to have in any water condition – helping you to catch more bass fish.

Braided fishing line

Strengths and Weaknesses of Braided Fishing Line

If you ask any angler who is experienced at bass fishing, the likelihood is that they're using braided fishing lines. It truly helps them to have the best possible chance of success.

Here is a list of reasons why they're great:

  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Thin Diameter
  • No Stretch
  • Powerful
  • Floats

But as with any product, a braided fishing line can't be the best at everything. So, here are some things it may not be quite as good for:

  • Cost
  • Loose Knots
  • Cut Through Eyelet

Recommended Braided Fishing Lines

If you're going bass fishing, you're going to need a recommended braided fishing line to help you on your way.

Here is a list of the best KastKing Braided Fishing Lines and why we chose them.

1. KastKing SuperPower Braided Fishing Line

KastKing's SuperPower Braided Fishing Line is a bestseller within the range. With its strong knot strength that allows you to easily tie solid knots and the special proprietary treatments allow for quick movement through guides giving you increased accuracy and better lure swimming action.

Unlike other braided lines where you often lose that big catch, the incredible abrasion resistance allows it to be one of the strongest and most durable braided lines on the market.

As with many braided lines, the SuperPower's main strength is its zero-stretch capabilities that allow for a superior hook setting and increased catch ratio.

Starting at just $14.99, the KastKing SuperPower will be your best asset going forward so that you can get that big catch you've always dreamed of – all without breaking the bank.

2. KastKing KastPro Braided Fishing Line

Originally constructed in the USA, the KastPro Braided Fishing Line certainly deserves recognition. It is manufactured in the ISO 9001 and Aerospace AS 9100 facility ensuring production is of the highest quality. It has been tested and approved by some of the leading bass anglers on the circuit as well as some of the Team KastKing Pro Staff.

Its aggressive diamond weave makes it incredibly strong. The weave allows it to remain tough and abrasion resistant, perfect for those harsh conditions. Its special coating keeps this abrasion resistance at the top of its game whilst also keeping its colour long-term.

In recent years there has been a big shift to working more environmentally. The KastKing KastPro is spooked on a BioSpool, made of wheat straw, and decomposes naturally.

Falling in at a similar price to the KastKing SuperPower, $14.99 – it makes a great tool to keep in your rig.

3. KastKing KastPro 13X Finesse Braid Fishing Line

Our final recommendation is one of the more professional and elite braided fishing lines. Coming in at $29.99 it is made from 13 strands of ultra-high molecular UHMPE fibres that are crossed 36 times per inch. This makes it one of the most smooth, supple, and long casting braided lines for those finesse techniques you may be using.

The 13X Finesse Line is made to be superior. Its knot strength delivers great line to leader and line to lure knot strength giving you the confidence to set your hook hard.

Feel comfortable fishing in any place with the 13X Finesse with its ultra-strong fibres leading steel in strength tests for its weight category. With this strength and its ultra-thin diameter, you can have complete confidence in the fact that this line can handle any condition.


Regardless of where you are going bass fishing, you're going to need a braided line to keep up with the demands. Whilst it isn't imperative to have a braided fishing line, you won't find anyone that doesn't use it.

The hard-fighting characteristic of bass fish, alongside the competitiveness of the angling world, requires a braided fishing line to be successful. Set yourself up for success with one of our recommended braided fishing lines for bass fishing.

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