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KastKing Estuary Saltwater Rod and Zephyr Spinning Reel Review

by Devon McDuffie 13 Feb 2022

This KastKing Blog Article is an excerpt from the fishing video Big Redfish On KastKing Estuary Inshore Fishing Rod & Zephyr Spinning Reel Ft Devon McDuffie. In this KastKing saltwater fishing tackle video Devon goes kayak fishing with his KastKing rod and reel combo.  

In the video Devon says, “What is up guys? Welcome back to another video. Today we're going to be taking a look at the KastKing Estuary Rod. It's part of their inshore series. Here, beautiful rod, absolutely love it. Definitely going to be a vital necessity when it’s out there on the water…  

“We're going to be looking at the KastKing Estuary rod. Like I've said thus far, beautiful rod here.  I've got it paired up with the Zephyr reel, technically not an intro reel that they make. I believe they do.  I haven't really checked out the website myself but outstanding rod and reel combo. Smooth as all get out. It’s sure going to hold up well as long as you keep carrying maintenance. That's key after every fishing trip whether it's been beat up or dumped in the salt, or if they even like touched it, you always want to make sure because that salt will really get to the  the inside and tear up those bearings and really eat at them.  

American Tackle Saltwater Spinning Rod Microwave Line Guides

“But anyways, one thing about the saltwater and corrosion is these guys. They've got these American Tackle guides integrated into them along at the base eyelet here is a Microwave guide. It's got a little, little loop there I don't know if you can see it but that really helps you with casts 20 feet farther. You really extend those casts. Not only does it extend your cast, it prevents it from knotting up wind knots and stuff. Spinning rods tend to do that often and then it also  silences it.

Braid Line With Mono Leader

“I've got it 20-pound test along with 20-pound mono. A leader probably three or four foot from the bait itself. What we were throwing around today was this 3/16 round jig head and a white DOA  paddle tail. They seem to love that pulling right off the oyster beds absolutely crush them. Not as hot as I was expecting to today.

He Loves The Rod

“I want to start showing off this rod real quick. It's beautiful aesthetically. It's just absolutely gorgeous. Love that aqua blue whatever color you would like to classify that as. Just a gorgeous rod. And then, you've got this beautiful custom reel seat. You'll see one thing I like about that is this  this little divot here really allows you to get a grip on it and then it's tapered off at the bottom and it allows you to have more foam, more comfort. You can really rest that thumb there, get a better grip. Not only that, it allows you to keep yourself out there all day long without any uncomforts rather than you know sitting there with a big old broomstick all day and trying to whack a fish.

KastKing Estuary Inshore Saltwater Casting Rods

“They make seven six or seven different  styles of this they go they range from seven all the way to eight foot I've got the seven six medium heavy  I believe it's fast let me see yep fast so that's really good for like popping corks and stuff but another thing is I haven't got my hands on it  other than right now honestly and taking it out of the package is they make a baitcaster version of this  so for you guys I like to throw like spooks  or big like big heavy jigs and like big hair jigs this is the rod for you I mean it recommends like 10 to 20 pound line  but it's been cast you can literally throw like 40 pound braid on it and not have a problem just run like a 20 pound leader to it and you're set I mean you can go out there and whack them  one they may not look like it but they are light is all get out  considering its strength its strengths hold yeah i mean usually you have to give up strength to have  a more parabolic light rod but that's not the case with KastKing Estuary rods they uh they definitely hold their strength down there and I really want to get my hands on this. I just need to get a baitcaster throw on it. Well they cast them really. if they're on this and I'll be set, but they make six models of this as well and absolutely gorgeous same thing. They have that Microwave integrated guide in there which is perfect for the wind knots distance I mean you already get so much more distance out of a baitcaster.  I don't know how much more you could want. You got to have enough room to set the hook on them as well but that's where the strength comes in; that's where the strength is necessary. But enough talk, and I just want to show off that rod and reel combo I have there and that's what we're going to be using today.  And, I also wanted to show off the baitcaster version. I feel like that's not a very well-known rod, especially for inshore. A lot of people throw spinning rods for, you know, saltwater fishing…

Estuary Rod and Zephyr Spinning Reel On The Water Action

“There we go’ there we go. That is a solid fish holy cow that is some redemption right there the one I hooked earlier was about 20 inches longer than this one but this is a stout fish this is healthy.

“All right, after a long day of fishing we finally landed one nice red beautiful fish hooked into one about 20 or 30 inches longer than this. I’m telling you it was a nice fish on the Estuary throwing the paddle tail. We lost her little flare hog earlier beating it against the wall there on the bridge, but let's get a release.

“Probably the biggest I've ever seen it was like eight pounds… great all-around trip caught in decent nice, you know, some nice fish, that red fish I missed was absolute mondo, then we caught that one a little bit of redemption there. And oh my goodness, but yeah that's it for the Estuary rod and inshore combo from KastKing along with the Zephyr reel.  Great all-around. Real smooth, the line was outstanding they also make that. Ultra-smooth gives you the farther cast.”

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