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KastKing Fishing Rod Holder Reviews

by Teddie Casterton 25 Jul 2022

Staying organized is key to keeping your fishing gear in working order. Keeping rods loose in your car, closet, or garage corner leads to headaches. Lures get tangled, rod tips get closed indoors, and trying to slip out for an early morning fishing trip becomes a loud event. A rod holder will make all the difference in the world. To make sure you are constantly organized, KastKing has engineered several different styles of rod holders to keep your gear safe and organized. But what type of rod holder is right for you?

Reasons to Own a Rod Holder 

Before we dive into specific models of rod racks, we should first look at why we should have them and what precisely we would use them. Two big reasons to use rod holders or racks are to keep them protected and organized. We are talking about a few different environmental and human-caused factors for protection. Off the bat, we should be keeping our fishing rods indoors. Temperature extremes, sun damage, and salt on the coast will wreak havoc on your rods, reels, and line. Having your rods inside means, they are less likely to go and walk away from you should someone get sticky fingers.

Protecting your rods isn't just about exposure either. Rods stored vertically can't be stepped on or run over as they can when they are lying on your garage or office floor. By keeping your rods organized and out of the corner of your room, you also reduce the risk of closing them in a door frame, which this angler has encountered more than once. 

Having your rods in a holder allows you to stay organized. Being able to glance over and see if you have two or three bait casters or a 7' spinning combo will save you the headache of buying a rod a second time out of ignorance. You can also use this quick inventory to see if you need to re-spool a reel in your off time. Since anglers are always looking for another excuse to buy a rod or new gear, organization for minimalism may not be the best selling point. What is an excellent point is being organized leads to more time fishing. By grabbing the rods you need at a moment's notice, you won't lose valuable fishing time untangling rods and linking rod sections back together as you try and race to the lake. 

What to Look For in a Rod Holder

We've explained why we need a rod holder, so the next question is how to select one. The questions are relatively straightforward, but we will explain them a bit to make sure you select the best system for yourself. 

  1. Where is it Going?

Rod holders come in a variety of styles, and KastKing has several styles that function well in different locations. Are you interested in having it on the floor where you can access your rods from any angle? Or are you short on space and need to keep your rods tight to the wall? One thing to consider depending on your living arrangement: wall-mounted rod holders will need to be fastened into the wall. Just make sure your landlord is ok with that.

  1. How Many Rods?

While an angler can never have too many rods, it is important to consider the number of rods you plan to organize. A good rule of thumb is to select about 50% more space than you currently have. This added space will let you easily grab rods from the rack and also give some room for your collection to grow. Keep in mind that a conventional saltwater setup will take up more space than a freshwater fly combo. Based on your species preference alone, you may need a bigger rack. 

We’ve covered why we need a rod holder, how big it should be, and probably where you should place it. Now comes the fun part, looking through the offerings from KastKing and selecting the one that checks all the boxes. 

KastKing Fishing Rod Rack

 Fishing Rod Rack

A classic rod rack, the KastKing standing rod rack is perfect for displaying rods anywhere there is floor space. Available in either black or silver, the KastKing rod rack is adjustable to accommodate any rod style, from fly rods to long-handled surf rods. It works great to hold your other gear like gaffs and landing nets. By evenly spacing your rods, you can keep tangles at bay and quickly grab the rod needed for the fishing trip. The Rod Rack is available in 12 or 24-rod sizes, so you can custom tailor the size you need to the number of rods in your collection. 

V10LS Spooling Station and Rod Rack

Fishing Rod Holder

Have you ever tried to re-spool your reel? Odds are, if you have, you have spent the time awkwardly holding your rod while chasing a spool of line around the floor with your feet. If you have upgraded to a spooling station, you are left with a portion of your workstation that cant be cleared off for other uses. KastKing has made every angler’s life easier with a spooling station built into a rod rack. The V10LS is a half-circle style rod holder that can accommodate 10 rods. The semi-circle allows access to all rods while keeping the reel handles away while still only using 18 inches of wall space. The heart of this unique rod holder is a spooling station that can accommodate spools for either spinning or casting reels. Using properly rigged spools, anglers can reduce line twist, creating headaches out on the water.

V15 Vertical Fishing Rod Holder

KastKing Rod Rack

KastKing’s newest wall-mounted fishing rod holder. At just over 18 inches wide, the V15 utilizes a "V" shaped opening that holds the rods without additional locking mechanisms. The “V”s are made of a combination of heat resistant polymer and tacky thermoplastic that grips the rod, allowing them to hang free and be removed with a firm pull. Rods can be up to half an inch wide, allowing the V15 to hold the heftiest of casting rods. The V15 can accommodate up to 15 rods, provided they are stored in staggered management, so the reels are not pushing off each other. For easy installation, the V15 requires only three screws. This diminutive rack can fit anywhere are is an excellent choice for anglers looking to maximize storage in an area without floor space. 

Three excellent rod holders from KastKing, all of them unique and loaded with features that make any choice a great value. The next question to ask yourself is which one fits your needs best? Will you opt for maximum storage space, or are you planning on displaying your rods for easy access? While we can’t answer that question for you, we do look forward to seeing your answer.

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