KastKing Line Boss For Fishing Line Storage

Nichole Delio |

KastKing Line Boss For Fishing Line Storage

Nichole Delio |

The KastKing Line Boss is designed to help you manage your fishing line spools and assist with spooling fishing reels. It is made from elastic woven material with a pull tab at one end, a sliding collar, and a stainless-steel line guide embedded into the fabric.  

Why do I need a KastKing Line Boss? 

Once you remove a spool of line from the box, it seems like it is always a chore to find the end of the line when you want to spool a reel or pull off some line for a leader.  Some line manufactures use stickers to hold down the end of the line on the spool. This may work for a while, but you usually you end up losing the sticker or the sticky side wears out and your line goes everywhere.

KastKing Line Boss on KastKing V10LS fishing combo rack and line spooling station
KastKing Line Boss on the KastKing V10LS
Fishing Combo Rack and Line Spooling Station 


Other manufactures mold a tapered slot into the spool. This slot is designed to pinch the line and hold it in place when you are not using it. But often the line is either too thin or too slick and it will not stay in place. Then you open your tackle bag and find line uncoiled and laying all over your tackle bag creating a huge mess. 

The KastKing Line Boss is extremely easy to use. You pull the sliding collar back to the pull tab, then feed the line through the stainless-steel line guide, slip over the spool, and then tighten the collar to apply tension. The sliding collar allows the Line Boss to be adjusted to fit any spool size and you will always be able to find the end of your fishing line.

Now you are all set, you can store you spool of line in your tackle bag, in your boat, or on a shelf in your garage. You don’t have to worry about fishing line uncoiling from the spool and making a mess because the end of the line is always contained by the Line Boss. 

Can I use it for my leader line? 

The simple answer is yes. Once the KastKing Line Boss is installed on your mono or fluorocarbon leader spool it is very easy to pull off the line you need without creating a mess. Using one hand hold the center of the spool with your thumb and finger so the spool can spin, and then with the other hand find the end of the line and pull out the amount of leader line you need. You will notice the Line Boss keeps the line contained neatly on the spool. 

Can I use if for spooling casting reels? 

If you spool your casting reels the old fashion way with a pencil, then yes the Line Boss works great for spooling casting reels. No more burned fingers trying to apply the right amount of tension to the fishing line as you spool up your reel. The Line Boss does this for you. You just need to move the sliding collar on the Line Boss to either increase or decrease spooling tension as needed. In fact, anytime you are placing a spool on a shaft for spooling the Line Boss can be used to apply tension. Make sure you line is coming of the top of the filler spool and onto the top of the spool on your casting reel, this will ensure the line lays down nicely on your reel. 

Does it work for Spinning reels? 

We do not recommend you use a pencil or straight shaft for spooling a spinning reel. The reason is that this can create a twist in your fishing line as you reel the line onto your spinning reel. For spinning reels, you need to make sure the fishing line uncoils from the filler spool and coils onto the spinning reel in the same direction. This will help you avoid line-twist on your spinning reel which helps to prevent wind knots. If you have spinning reels you need to spool, we recommend you use the KastKing Radius Line Spooler or the V10LS Line Spooling Station Rod Rack. Both tools can help you prevent the line from twisting on your spinning reel during the spooling process. 

The  Line Boss is a great tool to have anywhere.  I have used it over and over countless times.  It has helped me before a big day of fishing and has also helped for just going out and have a fun day of fishing.  I love how it makes things easier so that I can have more time out on the water.  

Nichole Delio is a US Military Veteran and former Law Enforcement Officer. She is an avid angler who writes about bass fishing. She was the only woman angler to ever compete in the Big Bass World Championship bass fishing tournament. You can find Nikki on social media at bassfinatic432.


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