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2021 KastKing Holiday Gift Guide

by Tom Melton 21 Nov 2021

The holiday season is here and now is the time to begin thinking of your favorite angler and what fishing gifts he or she may want or need for the upcoming 2022 season and beyond. And, if you are that angler, now is the time to do a lot of hinting to ensure you get cool and innovative fishing gear from KastKing! Here’s a list of ten sure-to-please fishing gear items at affordable prices.


KastKing v10ls rod rack and spooling station with Brent Chapman

Space is always an issue when storing rods, however, the KastKing V10LS has this issue solved in a big way. The V10LS Combo Rod Rack holds 10 fishing rod combos and keeps the reels separated by using a hi-lo cup holder for the butt. They take up only 17 inches of wall space. The rod rack will keep rods in neat and quick-to-grab order. The other great feature of the rack is the line spooling station, which will aid in spooling spinning and casting reels without any worry about line twist. 

With the new KastKing V10LS Combo Rack, the incorrect direction on to the spool will be completely eliminated. The housing for the spool is clearly marked for which direction you want the spool to spin. Once the spool is set up on the V10LS, with tension band in place, all you have to do is fill your reel to the correct capacity. For me, I like the line to be no more than 1/16 of an inch below the reels lip. The tension band can be adjusted to how tight you want the line on the spool. In my opinion, in all situations, the initial spooling should be fairly tight. The V10LS Combo Rack, again in my opinion, is a must have item if you own any amount of rods. Between the compact storage design and line spooling capabilities, you have to have one. 


 KastKing Royale Legend II spinning reel

 Are you ready for a new affordable, lightweight, super strong, corrosion resistant and best of all – colorful reel to add to your arsenal of KastKing reels, rods and gear? The Royale Legend II Spinning Reel is just what the doctor ordered. 

Every KastKing Royale Legend II Spinning Reel has five double shielded stainless steel ball bearings, with up to 22 pounds of super smooth carbon fiber drag! Add in the precision machined high-alloy and brass gears, zero-rust graphite frame and body, braid fishing line ready aluminum spool, and stainless steel hardware… well what can I say, it’s a winner!

 The color pattern on Royale Legend II fish reels are a knockout whether you use it as a freshwater spinning reel or saltwater fishing reel. The brilliant colors will make you stand out on the water, and you can bet anglers will be asking, “Who makes that reel? It looks sharp.” And I am sure your response will be KastKing, but also include, “Not only is it colorful, this baby is strong as an ox.” Another KastKing option every angler needs… or just wants.


kastking day tripper fishing backpack

I run a 20-foot Javelin Bass Boat and for the most part all my gear is safely stowed in compartments and rod lockers. Sounds easy, but what if I am not running my boat and decide to hop aboard a buddies, or how about a little camping/fishing with the grandkids, where we plan to hike to the fishing grounds? The KastKing Day Tripper Backpack Tackle Bag is definitely a must have item. 

Designed for the angler on the go, KastKing’s Day Tripper backpack fishing tackle bag is designed to efficiently manage tackle so you can stay mobile. This backpack offers plenty of storage for fishing gear and tackle so you are always prepared. 

kastking fishing backpack tackle bag

The rip-stop nylon is treated with a hydrophobic coating to prevent water intrusion from the outside and a PVC layer on the inside provides double protection to ensure your tackle is protected from inclement weather. This ergonomic design is both comfortable and efficient. The main compartment is ideal for rain gear, lunch, fishing tools or additional tackle boxes. You can also remove the false bottom to utilize one large open compartment. Attach pliers or line clippers to the integrated D-rings. The bag holds up to 4, size 3600 KastKing Storage Boxes. The bag will keep your hands free with double rod pockets offering a secure method to transport your rod or combo. 


kastking finesse braided fishing line

The 13X braided fishing line casts like no other, allowing for long and accurate casts to your target. I fished this in rocky areas as well, and found the 13X to be quite abrasive resistant, with minimal to no break offs. The KastKing 13X is one of the smoothest and strongest braids I have ever fished. The braid is super strong, smooth, and a great line to add to your arsenal. 

13X Finesse achieves these attributes by a set of interesting fishing line manufacturing processes. For starters KastKing uses a proprietary, highly specialized fiber. There are 12 strands, or carriers, wrapped around a central strand. What makes the line so extremely smooth is KastKing wraps the 12 strands 36 times per inch along the center fiber strand. That’s pretty much unheard of in fishing lines. This tight wrap eliminates those little gaps between wraps that cause friction. That’s what makes it possible to cast farther than other brand lines. It also makes the line more limp making it an excellent choice for spinning reels.  A great stocking stuffer for your favorite angler.  


madbite ned rigs mushroom head

I fish tournaments every year for bass, and at times some of the areas I fish can be downright mind boggling. I will say one thing however, when the bite is tough, you can always count on a Ned Rig to put a few fish in the livewell.  

The Madbite Mushroom Head Jig Kits will ensure you have the Ned available for your everyday action, or to help fill out the live well. MadBite is a sister brand to KastKing along with Extremus Outdoors. Ned Rigs are proven to catch almost any species of fish including bass, trout, walleye and many more. Ned Rigs are so effective that every fisherman should have a wide variety of Ned head jigs and baits in their tackle box. 

What I like about the kits is they are an all-in-one unit, complete with four different size weighted heads – 1/16, 1/8, 3/16 and 1/4, and in four colors - black, green pumpkin, chartreuse and white. You can also choose what style you want between standard mushroom, weedless mushroom and mushroom EWG wide gap, which is great for wider profile small baits as opposed to stick baits.  


Finally, a mitten I can easily get on and off my grandson’s hands. Leave it to KastKing to design a mitten that makes adults lives easier, plus keeps the little ones fingers warm and toasty. The smooth operating first-class YKK zipper pulls very easily without sticking. Add in the adjustable wrist strap, elastic closure, and wrist cinch, and you have a great mitten.  

The Tozzi mittens are also first class in the construction and warmth department thanks to a warm 3M Thinsulate™ material, and equipped with a breathable TPU membrane to keep kids hands toasty warm in wet, snowy or icy conditions. The soft polar fleece lining provides extra insulation that effectively blocks cold air.  

kastking kids mittens

Kids will love the attractive prints on the Oceana and Super Sharky cartoon character mittens plus solid colors are also available; all with safety reflective imprints. These KastKing waterproof Snow Mittens are an ideal winter gift for kids 2-8 years old.


kastking polar blast convertible mittens

If there is one thing I cannot take anymore, it is cold fingers when I am fishing or doing anything outdoors in the winter months. There is not a single fishing company out there today that does not offer a fishing type glove. I think KastKing’s new Polarblast mitten/glove will be a winner, and keep those fingers toasty warm and offer the ability to use your fingers as well. Before you say, “I can’t use mittens to fish.” Let’s take a closer look as they are really not traditional mittens, but rather a glove, with a mitten overlay that folds back.  

One of the first things I liked about the PolarBlast was the magnetic catch to hold the folded mitten part back. I hate loop and lock type enclosures as they never seem to hold up, especially in high use items. The PolarBlast has a neat, all enclosed magnet to ensure the mitten stays where you want it.  

KastKing PolarBlast mittens are constructed with four layers of material to keep your hands warm and dry. The stretch poly fleece outer shell is waterproof and windproof. A breathable membrane helps block cold wind, a 40 gram 3M Thinsulate layer provides excellent insulation, and the plush arctic fleece lining provides warmth and wicks away warmth robbing moisture. A one-hand operated draw string allows you to cinch down the cuff to block out wind and snow. 

kastking polar blast mittens

KastKing PolarBlast mittens quickly convert from cold weather mittens to fingerless gloves. Built-in magnets hold the thumb and finger flaps out of the way for full finger movement making these mittens ideal for ice fishing, photography, or using your smart phone without removing your mittens. KastKing also added finger pull loops for easy removal of your PolarBlast mittens. 


kastking field to kitchen knives

I love knives – fillet, kitchen, hunting (even though I don’t hunt.) pocket and any other type. I don’t know what it is, but I love knives! The new KastKing Field to Kitchen set is a definite addition you need to have. 

KastKing Spartacus Field to Kitchen knives feature ultra-sharp 8Cr14 Stainless-Steel knife blades for the ultimate in performance and durability. These blades have a high carbon content and a HRC of 56-59 to retain their edge sharpness longer, and a higher Chromium content to increase corrosion resistance. Just in case you don’t understand the HRC, the best chef’s knives around are just above the 60 range, but they are also very brittle. These babies coming in at 56-59 is the best option for most anglers and non-professional chefs.  

They maintain their edge longer but are easy to sharpen between uses. Quality knives like these should always be washed by hand, not in a dishwasher. 

They are available in three sizes - 3.5-inch paring knife, 8-inch chef knife and a 12-inch carving/slicing knife. The last one is my favorite as it slices bread easily without crushing, yet cuts a roast like butter.  

Each blade is perfectly designed from the knife blade shape and contour all the way through the custom handles. These beautiful knives will make food preparation more enjoyable than ever before. Perfect for chopping, mincing, slicing, dicing and more. 

Each specialized KastKing blade features a hollow ground edge with perfectly spaced vertical indentations to improve workflow. These oval indentations create air space between the blade and the food to allow the blade to slide easily with reduced friction and drag. The result is easier, faster cutting, carving and slicing, which reduces hand fatigue during large meal preparation. 

Handles are made of a durable and comfortable Kraton G Polymers that are highly UV resistant and perform well in higher service temperatures. These grips provide a slip resistant surface, clean easily, and are an extremely durable handle that will perform for years. The smooth surface works comfortably in your hand during all slicing and cutting applications and cleans easily when done. 

KastKing Spartacus “Field to Kitchen” knives were born in the outdoors but designed for everyday use by anglers, at home chefs and more. Their tough and rugged core is specifically designed to perform flawlessly in the home or kitchen. From delicate dicing to heavy chopping and slicing, there is a Spartacus Field to Kitchen food preparation knife ready for the toughest jobs. 


kastking blowbak tactical bag for camping

Are you one of those, quick thinking anglers or outdoorsmen that jumps in a heartbeat to do something outdoors? The spur-of-the-moment thought process needs a quick and light bag to load up and go. The KastKing Blowbak Tactical is the perfect choice.   

This bag is made from durable 600D material and coated internally with a water repellent coating to ensure all your gear remains dry and protected from the elements. An integrated die-cut MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) system means the customizing possibilities are practically endless. This system allows you to attach additional water bottle storage, multi-purpose pouches, tool holders, flashlight holders, cell phone pouches, and more. You can also attach items directly to the MOLLE system with carabiners or paracord.

kastking blowbak tactical backpack for fishing

Abundant gear storage allows you to keep your hands free as you hunt, fish, or hike. A hide-away zippered pocket can be unzipped to store a water bottle or soda, and the side mounted neoprene pocket with open bottom and clip safely holds a fishing combo for your journey. Easy access plier pocket secures your favorite pair of fishing pliers and the hook and loop strap ensures they will not fall out of your bag. 

The main compartment can hold up to two 3600 size storage trays, and also includes a large slip pocket. A front top pocket with elastic mesh inside is ideal for storing smaller items such as sunglasses or a wallet. The lower zippered pocket includes multiple organizing compartments for stashing line, terminal tackle, line scissors, and car keys.

 The padded back pad and shoulder strap help to reduce fatigue during a long day of fishing and the sling can be attached to either side of the bag depending on your preference. Before you jump out of the coach and head out on that spur-of-the-moment adventure, make sure your new Blowbak Tactical bag is packed and at the ready. 


kastking kong fishing rod

The word KONG refers to big, brawny and strong… and that is exactly what you get in the KastKing KONG rods

The original KONG Series had one spinning rod of 7-6 available, and it was rated for 15-40 pound test line and a lure weight of 2 to 4 ounces. They also had four casting rods, with the heaviest rated for 50 to 100, but it was a short stick of only 6-6. This was a perfect deep water rod for tilefish, cod and halibut in my opinion. The 8-foot model was slightly lighter and longer, so it could have been used from the piers as well.  

They are keeping the original four casting rods and one spinning rod for 2022, but adding in four new spinning rods ranging from a smaller 7-footer rated for 10 to 20 and 1/2 to 2 ounce baits. On the opposite end of the spectrum the new 10-foot rod will offer a rating of 10 to 40 pounds and baits/lures of 2 to 8 ounces. This means that if you want to make long casts from the shore or the pier, KONG has you covered.  

On the spinning rod side, along with the new 7 and 10 footer, plus the original 7-6, they have added what I believe will be my favorite for the boat/shore – two, 8 footers. The 8 footers will be rated for 10 to 20 and 15 to 40, with lure weights in the 1/2 to 2 and 2 to 8 ounce range. In my opinion, these two rods will fill the need for most of your saltwater game plan. They could be used from the dock, shore or boat. They are not too long, but long enough to flip a sinker away from a party boat rail, or cast a chunk of menhaden from the shore.  

On the casting side, the added a sweet 7 footer rated for 10 to 20 pound test. This is the perfect summer flounder (fluke), weakfish, sea trout, porgy, and sheepshead rod for inshore angling. It is not too stout, but has the backbone to whip any gamester. 

With the exception of the 6-6, all the rods are two-piece construction. The rods did not change and are still made on a powerful S-Curve, 100 percent graphite blanks reinforced with Nano-Resin technology. This combination offers amazing strength and lifting power but are still incredibly light and sensitive.

kastking kong rods for saltwater fishing

If saltwater is your game, the new updated Kong Series and Estuary rods and Kapstan Elite Spinning Reel, Kapstan 300 baitcaster or any of the Rover or ReKon reels will have you slaying the beasts in your home waters in seconds. As I said earlier, any of the KastKing lineup could be used in the saltwater environs, but now we have a bonafide saltwater line-up to choose from as well.  


Tom Melton is an expert in all aspects of inshore saltwater fishing and freshwater fishing. As an authority on angling he strives to excel while teaching others, and in his own outdoors adventures. Whether it is a freshwater bass fishing tournament, or recreational fishing with family, his skills and knowledge always shine. Tom has been an outdoor writer for more than three decades.

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