The Best KastKing Rod For Kayak Fishing

Jose Cinco |

The Best KastKing Rod For Kayak Fishing

Jose Cinco |

Many questions have come up asking if KastKing has a kayak fishing rod in their lineup. It can get confusing when trying to select the best kayak fishing rod but, it isn’t as simple as looking for a Kayak rod series to purchase from. If you ask yourself the right questions, then purchasing your next rod won’t be very difficult.

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What Type Of Fish Am I Targeting?

 If you are targeting panfish then the rod selection should be very easy. Any of the many light and ultralight power rods are great for that. The Brutus, Crixus, and Resolute fishing rod series have plenty of options for anyone looking to catch fish. The length of the rod doesn’t matter as much as you can successfully fight a fish off the side of your kayak without fear or tipping over. If you are after Catfish, then a KastKing KONG fishing pole is the best that KastKing has to offer for that species. If you are bass fishing, then there are plenty of options for you for a kayak fishing rod.

What Size Kayak Do You Have?

 Someone with a 10 foot rig is going to have a different preference over someone with a larger kayak.  Personally, I have a 13.5 foot kayak, so my fishing rod selection would be very different. Why is the length of your kayak important? Think about fighting a big fish and it makes a run around bow of your kayak. If your rod isn’t long enough for you to guide the fish, then it may pull you under your rig. For myself I like to choose rods in the 7’ to 7’3” length that is perfect for me.

How Tall Are You?

 If you are over 6’ in height, then you can get away with a much larger longer rod like a 7’ 6”. For someone like me that is only 5’8” I would have trouble with a longer rod. Why? When it comes to landing the fish, normally you would have to hold the rod away from you with one hand as you reach with the other to grab or net the fish. If the rod is too long, then you become in danger of high sticking the rod and breaking it. So, also bring into consideration how tall you are and wingspan of your arms.  

There Are Options

Kayak fishing is a fun and easy way to get off the banks and get to waters that boats can’t reach. Selecting the right equipment can be a bit of a headache at first. Asking yourself these questions can help you navigate your next purchase. The great thing about KastKing fishing rods is that there are so many options available at great prices. Searching for the one that fits you best as a kayak fishing rod is easier when you have a lot of options.


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