What Fishing Rods Does Major League Fishing Pro Brent Chapman Use?

Al Noraker |

What Fishing Rods Does Major League Fishing Pro Brent Chapman Use?

Al Noraker |

A lot of people are asking about KastKing MLF pro Brent Chapman. More importantly, they are asking about what equipment he uses. MLF pros are hard on their gear and when big money is on the line then trusting your equipment is very important. 

Who is Brent Chapman?

MLF Bass Pro Brent Chapman with KastKing Speed Demon Pro Rod

Brent Chapman is one of the few anglers in the world who can lay claim to the title of tour-level Angler of the Year. Brent Chapman was the 2012 Bassmaster Elite Series AOY. That’s a big deal being the angler of the year in a big tour with such top-level competition. Brent is one of the Top 30 B.A.S.S. money winners of all time earning over $2.2 million dollars in his career. He also has four wins and over 40 Top 10s on his resume. 

Why Would Brent Chapman Choose KastKing?

MLF Bass Pro Brent Chapman bass fishing with KastKing Speed Demon Pro fishing rods

KastKing is relatively young when it comes to fishing industry, but they have accomplished a lot! Here is what Brent had to say when he signed with KastKing in 2018. "I am so excited to have KastKing in the boat with me for competition," said Chapman. "The Speed Demon rods and reels are incredible. They have already proven themselves to me. When you compete against the best bass anglers in the world, it is critical to have the best equipment.” 

So Which Fishing Rods Does Brent Chapman Use?

Bass Pro Brent Chapman pulls bass out of heavy cover with KastKing fishing rod.

Everyone dreams about being able to look inside the rod locker of a professional fisherman. If you look inside Brent’s there is only one series of rods you will see! The Speed Demon Pro Rods! They are his favorite and for a great reason. 

What’s So Special About Speed Demon Pro Rods?

Speed demon pro rods by KastKing.


The Speed Demon Pro Rods are KastKing’s flagship rod. They use top of the line components from the blank on up. The blank is an elite high modulus carbon with nano resin technology to decrease weight but increase breaking and lifting strength by 30%. That’s huge improvement over standard graphite blanks. The rods feature Fuji reel seats and guides. The guides are Fuji LV on the spinning rods and Fuji LN on the casting models both featuring Alconite rings. The handles and fighting butts feature Winn Golf Style Grips which are super comfortable in any condition. My favorite part about these rods is that there are 20 different technique specific models. Each Model is precisely built foe each specific technique. The Action, rod weight and length of the handles are all carefully considered and not just picked at random.

 -- By Jose Cinco 




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