KastKing KastPro 8X Finesse Braid Fishing Line

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  • INCREDIBLY SMOOTH 8-STRAND BRAID- KastPro 8X Finesse braided fishing lines change fishing for spinning reel and baitcasting presentations. 8 strands of ultra-high molecular UHMPE fibers are crossed 26 times every inch (26 PPI) creating the smoothest, most supple and longest casting braided line for these finesse techniques.
  • ULTRA-THIN DIAMETER- KastPro 8X Finesse fishing lines are 75% smaller in diameter than a similar pound test monofilament line. This super thin diameter gives you the advantage of a thin diameter for finesse techniques, but with greater strength, line capacity and abrasion resistance. KastPro 8X Finesse braid is a great casting fishing line to use as a saltwater braided line or surf fishing line.
  • SUPERIOR KNOT STRENGTH - Superior Knot Strength- KastPro 8X Finesse delivers fantastic line to leader and line to lure knot strength, so you can be 100% confident in your ability to set the hook hard. This extremely sensitive braid line ensures you feel even the lightest bites. Zero stretch makes for quick hook penetration.
  • UHMPE FIBERS STRONGER THAN STEEL- KastKing KastPro 8X Finesse is made using 100% Ultra-High Molecular UHMPE fibers which have a strength to weight ratio that is 10x stronger than steel. The 8-strand construction produces a smoother braid to deliver long, quiet casts and has zero memory and almost zero stretch.
  • STRONG AND ABRASION RESISTANT- KastPro 8X Finesse is the finest finesse fishing braided line available, and is unbelievably strong and abrasion resistant. You can fish this line around rocks, trees and other structure with complete confidence. Its specific gravity of .97 is lighter than water enabling it to float when needed. Available in High Viz Chartreuse, High Viz White and stealthy Moss Green braided line on 150 yard spools from 6 lb to 30 lb test.

Product Description

KastKing KastPro 8&13XF Braided Fishing Line
KastKing KastPro 8&13XF Braided Fishing Line
KastKing KastPro 8&13XF Braided Fishing Line

KastKing KastPro 8&13XF Braided Fishing Line

KastKing KastPro 8&13XF Braided Fishing Line

KastKing KastPro 8&13XF Braided Fishing Line

Ultra-Smooth Braid

KastPro 8X Finesse Braid is made up of 8 separate strands on 100% UHMPE fibers that are crossed 26 times per inch.

Smooth 8 carrier braid

KastPro 8X Finesse is made using 8 strands of line braided together to make a round, smooth, long casting braided fishing line that is quiet through the guides.

100% UHMPE Fibers

Made from 100% UMMPE fibers which are 10x stronger than steel, X Finesse is strong, abrasion resistant and has excellent knot strength.

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