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Looking for the Perfect Fishing Combo for Your Littlest Anglers? Check Out These Top Picks

by Teddie Casterton 30 Nov 2022

Do you have little ones who love spending time outdoors fishing? If so, you'll want to make sure you equip them with the best gear possible! In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best kids fishing rods and reels combo on the market. We'll also provide a few tips for choosing the right combo for your child. So, whether you're just starting out in fishing or your child is a seasoned angler, read on for some great advice!

Should You Buy Rod & Reel Combos for Children?

A common question that we get asked is whether it's better to buy a rod and reel combo or to purchase the items separately. While there are pros and cons to both options, we generally recommend combo packages for beginner anglers. This is because combos offer a great way to get started in fishing without spending a lot of money. Plus, most combos come with everything you need to get started fishing, which can be a great convenience.

However, if your child is an experienced angler or if you're looking for higher-quality gear, then purchasing the items separately may be a better option. This is because you can hand-pick each component to ensure that it meets your child's needs and preferences.

What to Look for When Choosing a Fishing Combo for Kids

When choosing a fishing combo for your child, there are several factors that you'll want to take into account. First and foremost, you'll want to consider the type of fish that your child will be targeting. This will help you determine the appropriate rod and reel size as well as the type of line and lures that will be best.

Another important factor to consider is your child's age and skill level. For instance, if you have a young child who is just starting out, you'll want to choose a combo that is easy to use and has forgiving components. On the other hand, if your child is a bit older and more experienced, you may want to opt for a combo that offers more features and performance.

Finally, you'll also want to consider your budget when selecting a fishing combo. There are plenty of great options available at all price points, so it's important to find one that fits within your budget.

Combo #1: KastKing Compass Telescopic Fishing Rod Combo

Made with convenience and portability in mind, the KastKing Compass Telescopic Fishing Rod Combo is a great choice for kids who love to fish! This combo includes both a rod and reel, making it easy to pick up and hit the fishing hole. The rod is made of high-quality carbon fibre and can be collapsed down to just 17" for easy storage.

Spinning combo for kids

With the purchase of this combo, you have the choice between a wide variety of reels, allowing you to choose one that best suits your child's fishing needs. From moderate to fast, these reels come just how you need them. The KastKing Compass Telescopic Fishing Rod Combo is an excellent choice for kids who want to fish on the go!

Combo #2: KastKing Centron Spinning Combos

Lightweight, stainless steel, compact size, the KastKing Centron Spinning Combos are perfect for those kids who want to catch some big fish! This combo comes with a high-quality reel that can be adjusted to left or right-handed use. The graphite rod is also sturdy and sensitive, allowing your child to feel even the smallest of bites.

Spinning fishing combo for kids

Children will also appreciate the EVA foam handle which provides a comfortable grip. Whether you are fishing for catfish, salmon or any other large fish, this combo is made just for that! With a great price and quality construction, the KastKing Centron Spinning Combos is perfect for any child angler. The KastKing Centron Spinning Combos are an excellent choice for kids who are looking to catch some serious fish!

Combo #3: KastKing Spinning Bundle for Bass Fishing

Bass fishers know that they need special gear to be successful. The KastKing Spinning Bundle for Bass Fishing was created with this in mind! This combo comes with a durable and sensitive graphite rod as well as a smooth, high-performance reel. With a 10-20lb line, this combo can handle any fish your child might hook!

You will also appreciate knowing that the included KastKing Speed Demon Elite Spinning Fishing Reel has a high tolerance for weight, with a drag limit of 17.6lb. If that's not enough, the reel itself weighs only 8.9oz, making it one of the lightest reels on the market! The KastKing Spinning Bundle for Bass Fishing is an excellent choice for kids who want to target bass fish specifically.

Combo #4: KastKing Spinning Bundle for Beginner Fishing

With beginner in its name, there is no doubt that the KastKing Spinning Bundle for Beginner Fishing was created with kids in mind! This combo comes with a fast-action rod as well as a smooth, high-performance reel. In fact, the KastKing Zephyr Spinning Reel is often the go-to choice for beginner anglers!

Paired with KastKing World's Premium Monofilament Fishing Line, this combo is sure to help your child catch some fish. For children of any age just getting the hang of fishing, the KastKing Spinning Bundle for Beginner Fishing should not be overlooked!

Combo #5: KastKing Spinning Bundle for Walleye Fishing

Last but not least, this list would not be complete without an option for walleye lovers! The KastKing Spinning Bundle for Walleye Fishing offers extreme power and sensitivity thanks to its ingenious design. This combo includes a durable graphite rod as well as a high-speed reel with an impressive drag limit.

Arguably its selling point, the KstKing New Wideeye Fishing Rod included with the combo are one of the lightest models out there, resulting in reduced fatigue and more time spent fishing! With this combo, your child is sure to have a great time walleye fishing!

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, the five best kids fishing rods and reels combo on the market today. No matter what your child's fishing needs are, there is sure to be a combo on this list that is perfect for them! If you are still unsure, do not hesitate to reach out to our team so we can help you choose the right combo for your child. Happy fishing!

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