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Best Catfish Rig For Bank Fishing

by Teddie Casterton 05 Sep 2022

As it says in its name, bank fishing takes place on banks or shores that are near the water’s edge. Whilst boat fishing may allow you to access greater areas with more spawns of fish, bank fishing has always been relatively popular within the angling world.

It isn’t always the easiest process to hire a boat, and so bank fishing is one of those activities that doesn’t require much extra cost – and the added benefits are extremely popular. With the right location, you can catch some great-sized catfish, as well as access those tricky areas that may be too shallow for a boat, but great for an individual to go and adventure into.

So, spring or fall is on the horizon, and you have a desire to go Catfish fishing on the riverbank. There is going to be a thing or two that you need to know to have the best catfish rig for bank fishing and ensure that you’re successful whilst out there.

In this guide, we’ll take you through the top 3 catfish rigs for bank fishing and include some awesome recommended products to help you increase your catch ratio. 

The Carolina Rig

The Carolina Rig is ‘King’ of the fishing world. It is incredibly popular simply due to its effectiveness in increasing your catch ratio – especially with bass fish and catfish. This rig is incredibly attractive to fish whether they are looking to feed, or looking to fight. The circular motion of a Carolina Rig allows you to capture the fish’s attention and its ability to be dropped close to lure entices them to bite without having to put much effort in.

When to use it:

  • Low-Temperature Water Conditions – fish are often rather sluggish as they travel deeper for warmth. The Carolina’s ability to get deep enables an easy catch.
  • Windy Days – its ability to go incredibly deep coupled with its almost zero surface action allows fish to catch on.
  • Open Water

How to create the Carolina Rig:

  1. Add a sinker to your mainline using a bullet/egg type weight.
  2. Add a bead behind and tie it to a swivel.
  3. Choose a leader and tie on a hook (we recommend a 3/0 worm hook).
  4. You can choose any soft plastic bait from our collection that will entice a hungry catfish. 

Our products:

We recommend the MadBite Freshwater Terminal Tackle Kit, which is loaded with all of the important equipment that you’ll need to create the best Carolina Rig going. It includes:

  • Fishing hooks
  • Pre-tied snelled fishhooks
  • Jigs
  • Weights/sinkers
  • Jig hooks
  • Swivels and snaps
  • Floats/bobbersrs

With some of the best equipment on the market provided by MadBite, the multi-species fishing tackle kit is perfect for catfish fishing.

The 3-Way Rig

If you’ve been fishing catfish specifically for a while, then you’ll know that the way you rig makes a huge difference in your success rate. No matter your style, whether it be trophy catfish or increasing your catch ratio of smaller catfish – a 3-way catfish rig is a great option.

The three-way rig is a popular and versatile rig that is utilised in shallow to deep water conditions. Its popularity arises from its ease of setup, known for being one of the simplest rigs in the industry. The way it works is a three-way swivel is attached to three types of line; main line; dropper line with lead weight; leader line with the natural lure.

How to tie a three-way rig:

  1. Your leader line will run from the underside of the swivel to the sinker
  2. Cut your lines so that the leader line running from the bottom of the sinker is longer than the leader line running from the hook to the swivel
  3. Attach your weight line to the bottom of the swivel on one end, and the sinker on the other end
  4. Cut the leader line for the hook. Attach it to the side of the three-way swivel and the hook to the opposite end.
  5. Tie the mainline to the top

Our Products:

Catfish Fishing

Santee Cooper Rig

Our Final Setup for catfish fishing on the riverbank or shore is the Santee Cooper Rig. Essentially a reworked version of the Carolina rig, you’ll find that you can tie longer or shorter leaders so that you can float your boat at different depths depending on your preference.

The Santee Cooper Rig got its name from the success at the Santee Cooper Catfish lakes in the Carolina areas. It is incredibly popular amongst professional and amateur anglers, especially when attempting to catch the three main types of catfish including blue and channel catfish.

Typically, you’re going to want to stay to moving rivers, ponds, and some lakes. When in faster water conditions it is difficult to stand your bait upright rendering the rig useless as it defeats the point.  

What you need:

  • Leader line
  • Hook
  • Swivel
  • Sinker
  • Peg Float

How to Tie the Santee Cooper Rig:

  1. Slid the sinker onto the mainline
  2. Add a bead to protect the knot from becoming loose from the sinker.
  3. Using a Palomar knot, tie the swivel onto the mainline.
  4. Cut a monofilament leader line to your length preference
  5. Tie the hook to the leader line using a snell knot
  6. Attach the peg float onto the leader line and insert pegs
  7. Attach the leader to a barrel swivel with a Trilene knot

Our Products:

Explore our MadBite Terminal Tackle section to view our range of products dedicated to successful fishing. Our Madbite Species Tackle Kit, alongside the Freshwater and Saltwater terminal Tackle Kits, is essential in giving you all the tackle you need to fish for catfish on the bank.


Regardless of the rig you’ve selected to use on your Catfish journey, the Carolina, Santee Cooper and 3-Way Rig are all excellent options. It truly depends on the conditions of the area as well as your preferred angling style.

Let us know how you get one with these rigs!

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