Does KastKing Use Ceramic Ball Bearings In Fishing Reels?

Tom Gahan |

Does KastKing Use Ceramic Ball Bearings In Fishing Reels?

Tom Gahan |

Do KastKing fishing reels have ceramic ball bearings is a question KastKing is often asked. And, we are asked why doesn’t KastKing use ceramic eel bearings?

Ceramic Fishing Reel Bearings Pros and Cons

KastKing Bassinator Ninja with hi speed spool bearings from Japan for less friction

Let’s take a look at the pluses as minuses of ceramic ball bearing. Yes, ceramic fishing reel bearings can increase casting distance in baitcasting reels. However, testing of the KastKing Extreme Speed Nano Polished Ball Bearings as used in the KastKing Bassinator Elite Baitcasters showed they had the same casting distance performance as ceramic bearings.

Noisy Fishing Reel Bearings

A minus for ceramic bearings is noise. Reel noise is an extreme negative among fishing reel buyers. KastKing engineering works diligently to reduce fishing reel noise. KastKing has created its own “quiet labs” to measure the decibels of KastKing and other brand reels. KastKing has a strict guideline of how many decibels a KastKing reel can create. The number of decibels is proprietary information, but it is a number that reflects a much quieter fishing reel than you would think. Ceramic bearings are noisy and don’t come anywhere close to the quiet operating standards set by KastKing. So, noise is a strike against the practicality of ceramic bearings in KastKing reels. To be fair, some anglers often blame gear noise and gear-feel smoothness as  a ball bearing problem. Also, some types of braided fishing line are noisy during casting and retrieve as they pass through the fishing line guides on fishing rods. That’s not the fault of any reel.

 The Cost of Ceramic Reel Bearings

Another negative issue about ceramic fishing reel bearings is the cost. Although the Japanese manufactured KastKing Extreme Speed Nano Polished Ball Bearings are the most expensive (and highest quality) ball bearings that KastKing uses, they are less costly than ceramic bearings. There are aftermarket ceramic ball bearing kits, but the KastKing warranty department has long-questioned the wisdom of customers using fishing reel parts from a third party supplier. For a couple of reasons. These reels often end up at the KastKing warranty department because the inexperienced reel rebuilder wasn’t able to get their baitcasting reel or spinning reel back together properly. KastKing is always happy to help anglers through issues, but there is a gray area. Is damage caused by improper user disassembly or reassembly covered under warranty? Since it is not a defect of factory workmanship or a material defect, technically the answer is no. But as said, KastKing customer service can usually make things right. If an aftermarket part fails or causes other damage to the fishing reel, it is not covered by the warranty.

Ceramic fishing reel bearings

 Are Ceramic Fishing Reel Bearings Any Good?

Are ceramic bearings bad? Not, per se. If the buyer of ceramic ball bearings or fishing reels with ceramic bearings feel the added noise, cost, and risks are worth it, then that’s their call. At this time KastKing does not use ceramic ball bearings in fishing reels. However, KastKing is all about affordable innovation in fishing tackle. Let’s keep an eye to the future.


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